Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photos: Inkblot Power Y, CRB, and Deep Indigo Grooves (Want!)

I think my bank account is in big trouble. I really like Deep Indigo. I think I need this whole outfit. I like the DI Grooves a lot. Here is a photo of the Inkblot Power Y with matching Deep Indigo Grooves. I swear an educator told me Deep Indigo Wunder Unders are coming but I am not sure.

I think I like the Inkblot Power Y a little better than the Cool Racerback but I will have to try them on. I think I need a Lively tee in this print, too.

The new In Stride jacket in white/Deep Indigo Quiet Stripe.

Outfit of the Day: Couch to 5K, Week 4 Day 1

I didn't run until nearly noon so it was 80 degrees and sunny out by the time I left home. I won't make that mistake again. Running in direct sun on a hot day SUCKS! Anyway, my OOTD (outfit of the day) is an Aruba Run: Revitalize short sleeve top (made of silverescent circle mesh - love this material for hot weather), luxtreme Run: Take Flight Bike Shorts (I can tell these will become my favorite run shorts for warm weather), and a white Flight Running Bonnet. As I was running I wondered why I didn't wear my Energy sleeveless tank. I would have loved to have a little of my back bare for cooling.

Today was the first day of Week 4 of the Couch to 5K plan. The workout today was a 5 minute warmup walk, run 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, run 5 minutes and walk 2 1/2 minutes and repeat the run/walk portion twice. I didn't do any extra intervals since I have been having various aches and pains pop up when I overdo things. I also want to do spin tomorrow. This run did not suck nearly as much as the run on Tuesday but it wasn't particularly enjoyable either. Running for three minutes right off the bat wasn't too bad either but the five minute run intervals were not easy. I had to keep visualizing how awesome my new Ebb and Flow crops will look as my hips shrink from running. ;-)  I think I might have felt better if I had gone earlier. The first run of the new "week" always seems to be hard so I am hoping things will go better when I run again on Saturday or Sunday. My son has a soccer tournament both days so I have to think about when I want to squeeze a run in. I prefer to work out earlier when I have more energy. My legs were definitely kind of tired during the second five minute run. I haven't felt that before in a run. I've been out of breath but not really fatigued.

Inkblot Print Yogitoes Towel

There is a new Yogitoes towel out in the new Inkblot print.

Today's Shopping Trip - Ebb and Flow Crop Lurv

I got to try on a few new things today. First was the Ebb and Flow tank. This tank ran snug in the chest, looser at the waist and snug at the hips. The armpits rode kind of low on me (straps offer zero support) so armpit fat was an issue. I tried it on with another bra underneath but it was too restrictive. I liked material, though, and the Deep Indigo color is gorgeous - a dark purplish blue.

I tried on the Switch Back LS and liked it. I thought the fit was on the roomier side but it could be the luxtreme side panels have lots of stretch which made it feel looser. I didn't think the length was too short. In fact, the top hit me in about the same spot it's hitting the girl in the photo (I'm 5'5"). The weight was slightly heavier than my Hills and Energy Pullovers so I'd say typical running luon. I know a lot of people said it felt "thin" to them but I think they are comparing it with the recent textured running luons used in the Run: Turn Around or herringbone luon used in the Full Tilt Pullovers. I do agree with everyone about the thumbholes being uncomfortable. They are small and edged with contrasting material which makes them feel hard against your skin. I find I tend to use my thumbholes when I run so I can see how this could be a deal breaker.

I can see the tag but not underwear

The surprise of the day was that I went home with a pair of the Ebb and Flow crops ($78). I certainly didn't expect to like them but I found them super comfortable and I liked how the 4" waistband really held me in.  The tag says they are medium rise and they come up high enough that I don't have any muffin top issues. The material is thick and flaw hiding though very stretchy. If you do a deep bend it will become sheer(er) so that is something to be aware of. I was thinking I might like to try running in them sometime when the weather cools down again. I might give them a try in spin tomorrow if the weather is cooler. I'd say this new material has very interesting potential. The store manager said they have been selling very well.

I also heard today there is supposed to be a new reversible knit cardigan coming.