Thursday, January 19, 2012

NEW Print: Quiet Stripe White Deep Indigo

There is a another new video under the In Stride Jackets. This shows a new In Stride in the Quiet Stripe Deep Indigo pattern. Very crisp looking.

NEW Color(s)!!! Dazzling Ultra Violet

Also on the lulu website, a new video about Astro pants in Dazzling Ultraviolet. Not sure if this is two colors or one color. I really like both colors a lot. They look very pretty together.

A very pretty new space is on the flip side of the waistband. Wild!

Random Photos of the Latest

Wild lime tank with the Wren Camo Hot Hot Shorts.

An interesting combo - Back on Track Tank in the Pigment Stripe paired with the Silver Spoon Stripe Speed shorts.

 The Pigment Blue Silver Bullet Tank is on my Wish list. Loving this color so much more than the Royalty version last summer.

I like this combo - Silver Spoon Pique Define paired with a Wild Lime CRB, Flash bra, and black Tadasana pants.

 A good photo of the new Bang Buster headband. It seems to be a hit. I really hope it comes in some bright colors in the future.

The sticky Method socks are back in the stores. I have a pair I got at Bar Method. Do you think they'll yell at me if I wear them to Pure Barre? (JK) I have a Groupon for classes I need to start using soon.

New Print! Inkblot White Deep Indigo

There is yet another new lulu video showing upcoming items. This time it is a Power Y in the Inkblot White Deep Indigo print. This is the print seen in the new Groove band I posted earlier. I really like this print. I am a big fan monochromatic tie-dye looking prints. I can't wait to see what other tanks are released with this print. (Thanks to Michelle for the heads up on this video.)

New Print Hints

Another new lulu video of Heathered Deep Indigo Groove pants gives more clues about upcoming colors and prints. It looks like there are two new stripe patterns - the Discover stripe pattern seen in the bottom photo. Then, on the left hip, we see a thin white stripe pattern. There is also a tie dye-ish looking pattern in one of the sunburst blocks. Update - that print is called Inkblot White Deep Indigo. The pink looks like Paris Pink. Finally, the top she is wearing in the video looks like it might be a solid Deep Indigo CRB.

For those of you who bought lulu back in 2009, didn't this pattern have Indigo in it? Or am I thinking of India Ink? (Thanks to Corinne for the heads up.)  Update - my lulu experts tell me the color of the pants is India Ink (the patter is actually India Ink Dream Stripe) but the top band color is Indigo. The bottom band is Pond. The new color is Deep Indigo so I would think it's a darker version of the original Indigo.

NEW! CRB Print Pattern - Discover Stripe

Popping up in a new lulu video - A Cool Racerback in Discover Stripe White Deep Indigo. I like this a lot. (Thanks to Maggie for the heads up.)

OOTD for W3D1 Couch to 5K

I wore a Turn Around LS to run in a couple of days ago and was too hot by the end of the workout. That seems to be a low 40s type of top for running in. Today it was 46F when I got up, probably more in the low 50s now, so I am going to try running in my Black Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover to see if that works better. The C25K Week 3 workout is: 5 minute warmup walk, then 2 repetitions of 90s run / 90 s walk then 3 minute run / 3 minute walk. That seems kind of short but I'll see how I feel. Anyhow, the full OOTD is: Black Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover, older Hills Crops (luxtreme front, luon backside and one of my favorites), Rocksteady Ta Ta Tamer, technikini underwear, lulu featherlight socks, and coordinating Sprinkler Blue/Ikat print Dance headband to play off the bra when I unzip the pullover. I am finding I really like the Dance headbands to keep my chin-length hair out of my face for running. It's not super hot so I don't need a headband to absorb sweat. I would like get a visor to run in sometime soon.

Update - back from the run. This top was too hot and I can see myself switching to all luxtreme bottoms before long since the luon was getting sticky. I'm off to get a foam roller now.

Color Comparison: Wild Lime Vs. Citron

A great photo to show the difference between Wild Lime and Citron. (Thanks to Nicole for the photo.)