Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photos of the Latest - Lots of Wild Lime

Some Australian photos. I honestly can't remember if the Cross My Heart bra in Wild Lime is in North America already or not but it's in Australia. So, if it hasn't come, it will. The crops in these photos are the Run: For It, available in Wild Lime, Flash, Black, and Pig Pink.

The Black Camo No Limit Tank with a grayish bottom - could be black pique, heathered black. I'm not sure but I like the look.

I didn't care for the Wren Camo No Limit tank when I tried it on. I think because I am too pale the color just didn't look right with my skin tones. However, it looks fantastic on this woman. I like it with the Insight Pant, too.

The Wren Camo No Limit tank with Wren camo bottoms. This woman is rocking the Boogie shorts.

Close up of the Aquamarine / Black Camo Boogie shorts.

I like the Wild Lime Power Y with the coordinating Wunder Unders.

 More Wild Lime Power Y love. 

Once again I can't remember if the Wild Lime Swiftly has made it to North America yet. This photo is from Australia, too. I love Wild Lime against the grays of the skirt. I think I love Wild Lime with just about everything.

New Colors: Greaser and Intense

Clues about two new colors were given in this photo for new Groove shorts. They were Greaser and Intense. Greaser is a charcoal gray from the men's line a few years ago. You can see it in the last line of color dots:

The big blocks of color in the waistband look faintly navy-ish to me so maybe it's a bluish gray or maybe that is the new color called Intense. I guess we'll find out soon enough. (Thanks to Rose for the head's up.)

Silver Bullet SL Tech Tank is Coming Back

The Silver Bullet SL Tech tank from last summer is coming back in the color palette. It will be coming in Pig Pink, Pigment Blue, and Black. I didn't care for the colors it came in last time but I like the Pigment Blue one. I need to check this out when it hits North America (these photos are from Australia). These photos are shown with the Wild Lime Cross My Heart Bra underneath.

Camo Short Outfit Ideas and More

Here are a couple of top ideas to wear with the Camo print speed shorts. However, they are backwards. The pink swiftly should be worn with Wren/Paris Pink shorts and the Dark Classic Gray Swiftly should be worn with the black camo/aquamarine shorts.

If the Apres Run Anorak looked this cute on me I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

OOTD (Outfit of the Day):

Today is a rest day for me. I was thinking I might go to the gym this morning but my ITB is aching so I'll let it rest. This is my rather dull but warm for a chilly day OOTD for running errands and volunteering at school: black Cabin LS top, Heathered Charcoal Still pants, Black Snowy Owl Scuba.

Photos of the Latest

Paris Pink bra under black Camo CRB.

Both versions of the Boogie shorts - Black and Wren Camo

Another No Limit/Hot Hot Short combo

Wild Lime Scuba

Silver Spoon stripe CRB and Pigment Blue Will Pant

When is the US getting the Wild Lime Energy bra already? Jeez!

Pig Pink Graceful Flow Tank

The Anorak on a woman closer to my own age.  ;-)

More Outfits on the Floor (Not Mine, Though)

Susan, the moderator of the Lulu This Just In (TJI) Facebook group recently ran the Disneyworld Goofy's Challenge, a half marathon followed by a full marathon the next day. She was kind enough to share the outfits she brought with her for the race. This is her post-full marathon outfit.  It's a great mixture of old and new lulu. I believe the jacket is a Shape Jacket in a black and white leaf pattern from about four or five years ago (pre-blog for me). The pants are Studio Pants (I think). The tank is a Special Edition Cool Racerback that has a tiny strip of mesh down the back. It came out a few months ago. The bra is a black arise bra.

 This was Susan's post race outfit for the half marathon - white Studio crops, white Power Y (or Ujjayi), and Bliss (we think) Manifesto from a few years ago.

I'm pretty sure this is the outfit she wore for the full marathon: Paris Pink Energy bra and Wunder Unders, Zipper Special Edition Cool Racerback (Gel Nimbus shoes).

This was one of the outfits she considered for the full marathon: White Coal Tinted Canvas Cool Racerback, Energy bra, and Run: Your Heart Out crops.

This was Susan's half marathon outfit: Multi Dotty Wunder Under pants, black Inner Awareness Tank, Run: Essential Jacket, lulu arm warmers (Gel Nimbus shoes).