Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Photos of the Latest

After I saw the Camo/Paris Pink Speed shorts I was thinking I need a bright Ta Ta Tamer to wear under my new black camo Cool Racerback to "girl" it up a little. I love the contrast of the ultra feminine Flash against the macho black camo print. Both temper each other. Very fun outfit!

The camo is a bit sheer so you will see the lighter color through the snugger areas. This might be one Cool Racerback you don't want to size down in.

The latest camo print
Retro Camo from this summer
Speed Short in Lay Low Camo Print

Xlong Camo Print CRB from the Lab
Close up of the camo print. I know the tag says this is the retro camo print but is this the same print that came out over the summer?  It looks like it's a blown up version of the previous Retro Camo. The speed shorts have a different name - the Lay Low Camo print.

Black Graceful Flow Tank

Apres Run Anorak

I like seeing the same model in different things and different colors. You get a real sense of how color and pattern affects your shape. All the photos on this page have been of the same girl (except for the camo discussion).

Will Pant and More Anorak Photos

The new Will Pants in Pigment Blue.

I've been trying to figure out why I didn't buy the Apres Run Anorak today and I think it was because it was too long on me and boxed/squatted me out. These girls much be a good 5" taller than me because the Anorak hits them much farther up on the leg. The Anorak came nearly to the back of my knee (I'm 5'5").

Camo Outfit Ideas and More

How awesome does this woman look? She is wearing the Wren Camo No Limit tank and Wren Camo Hot Hot shorts. I tried on the camo No Limit tank today but it just didn't look right on me. I think it looks cutest with matching camo bottoms.

Another Camo No Limit Tank/Hot Hot Short combo.

The Black Camo Cool Racerback with the Black Camo/Aquamarine Speed Shorts.

The Wren Camo/Paris Pink Speed shorts shown with a black tank.

Camo Arise Bra and Camo Boogie Shorts. Both pieces come in the Wren or Black camo.

The Wren Camo No Limit Tank shown with the Deep Camo Wunder Under Pants.

Wren Camo Hot Hot Shorts
Black Camo Cool Racerback (with Pigment Blue Will Pants)

Black Camo/Aquamarine Speed Shorts

Black Camo Boogie Shorts

Wren Camo No Limit Tank

Arise Bra

NEW Color! Aquamarine

It turns out the black camo speed shorts are trimmed in a new color - Aquamarine. I am curious to see how Aquamarine compares to Seaspray, Toothpaste, and Angel Blue.

Today's Shopping Trip

I got to try on the Apres Run Anorak today. I really liked it. I think it's made for milder climates, though. As someone noted on one of my lulu boards, it's probably as warm as the Hustle jacket but if you layer with warmer tops, you can probably wear it at temps 40F and up. I was tempted to get it but I can't justify it for our climate. It's also a bit utilitarian looking and I want something a little cuter, prettier. I tried on the Deep Camo Herringbone (as pictured) and thought that color was very pretty. I thought it ran a very roomy true to size or even on the large side. I tried on the next size down but then the arms became too tight. I think this is a jacket you want to leave room for layering.

I also ended up buying the black Camo Cool Racerback today. The photo above shows the black camo next to the Wren camo. Wren camo is very army-ish looking. I don't think this batch of camo CRBs is nearly as thin as the last batch but it is on the sheerer side. If CRBs fit you snug across the chest, the color of your bra is going to show through a bit if it's lighter than the tank. The thinness works better for me for spin class. I find regular luon light CRBs too hot for spin. The fabric content is 94% polyester, 6% lycra. I ended up returning the Silver Spoon Power Y I ordered last week. The luon is super soft but I think that makes it super stretchy. The neck area kept gaping open on me, a problem I don't normal have in the Power Y, and I think it's due to the straps being too stretchy in that fabric.

OOTD for C25K W2D3

One of the ladies on the TJI Board, Susan, makes photos of her workout outfits laying on the floor and I decided to steal her idea for today. This is my outfit for this morning's run. I am in Week 2 Day 3 (90 sec run, 2 min walk) of the Couch to 5K program and so far it's going better than I expected. I'm having fun trying out different clothes from my collection for running. I have been choosing long sleeve Swiftly tops most days but it's gotten kind of damp out so I decided to try something warmer today (it's 50 degrees currently). Anywho, my OOTD for today is: My new Rocksteady Ta Ta Tamer with matching (for a change!) technikini bottoms (both bought at sweet markdown prices - yipee!), Persian Purple Run: Turn Around LS, Wunder Groove crops, featherlight socks, and Rocksteady/Royalty Dance headband.

Photos of the Latest

The Camo print Boogie Shorts and No Limit Tank.

 Camo CRB and No Limit Tank

More photos of the Apres Run Anorak. I am so curious to try this on. I'm planning on doing that later this morning.

NEW! Will Pant in Pigment Blue

Another new item has shown up in Product Notice emails - the Will Pant in Pigment Blue. These look like they are made of regular luon and not pique.

NEW! Camo Print Speed Shorts

New Speed Shorts in Camo print. The description says they are two-way stretch. The color code descriptions are given as: Lay Low Camp Print/Paris Pink/Wren. There is also another version but the color code description is incorrect in the post I saw on line. It's probably the black camo version but I am not sure of the trim color. (Thanks to Lorrin for the heads up.)