Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silver Spoon Stripe CRB and Silver Spoon Pique In Stride Jacket

The Silver Spoon striped Cool Racerback. I need to see if my store got this. I kind of like it. It's shown with the Wild Lime Free to Be bra underneath.

Another photo of the Silver Spoon pique In Stride Jacket. I might have to make this my first Stride jacket. I love my Define in the pique-ish Black mini check pattern.

Flash and Wild Lime Photos

Flash Cross My Heart Bra under a Wild Lime Cool Racerback.

 Wild Lime Power Y

Photos: Silver Spoon Pique In Stride Jacket and More

The more I see the Pigment striped Stay on Course tank, the more I want one.

New Silver Spoon Pique In Stride Jacket.

Silver Spoon pique Define jacket. I love the peek of the small silver spoon striped Flow Y showing above her Flash CRB. I'll have to check out how this Define looks with my new Silver Spoon Power Y next time I am in the store. It's arriving on Saturday - yay!

 The latest Lively Crewneck tees.

In the top photo, you can see the smaller stripes that's on the reverse side of the shirt.

I really like this top (Stay on Course Pullover in Silver Spoon stripe). I hope it's uploaded next week. I think I might order it.

 The latest Power Ys and Scoop Neck tanks.

 Silver Spoon pique Wunder Under pants shown with the Pig Pink Lively crewneck tee.

I need to try the Tadasana pants on again. They look great on this woman.

The New Scubas: Wild Lime, Flash, Bon Bon, Deep Coal and Black Slub Salt and Pepper

Wild Lime and Flash Scuba hoodies. It looks like the Wild Lime version is a wee stripe.

Deep Coal and Black Slub Salt and Pepper Scuba (love this one!) along with the Bon Bon Scuba. I didn't even realize the Deep Coal and Black SNP had been uploaded until I saw this photo. The Bon Bon scuba is so tempting. I really want to order one.

Photos: Graceful Tank

Has anyone tried the Graceful Flow tank on yet? The fit in this photo leads me to believe it might run small in the bust since it seems to cut into her armpits a bit. I always assume the educators choose their regular tank size. She also looks on the bustier side which could be causing this since I haven't noticed this on any of the other photos, but they are mainly of smaller-chested women.

Ok fit here
Ok fit here

Cuts in a bit here
I would say that bra is at capacity

Men's Downdawg 3/4 Pant is Back

I think the Downdawg pants and shorts are among the most beloved of the lululemon's men's yoga wear. My husband recently bought a pair of similar luon Power Yoga shorts from ebay and when I looked it up, all the reviews were full of calls to bring back the Downdawg shorts. The three-quarter length for men seems to be gaining some popularity here in the US - lots of MLS soccer players have warm ups in this length.

The 3/4 pant look: Italy's Gigi Buffon, one of my favorite players to watch in the 2006 World Cup

SCOOP!!! Lulu Swimline (Tri-line?) Coming!!!

A reader writes in to tell me lulu is coming out with a swim wear line. I'm not sure if this is geared towards triathletes like their swim line a few years ago or just for swimming/lounging. I remember trying on the Fastlane suit in the photo above. It was pretty obscene on my 36DD chest. I am cautiously optimistic, however, and can't wait to see what they come up with.

Sh*t Lulu Addicts Say

Those of you who frequent the lululemon Facebook page or who are members of the This Just In (TJI) Group are probably familiar with Eric Lewis, a monster lululemon fan. (He has his own men's lulu blog at Lulumen.) In the spirit of all the Sh*t Girls Say videos he made one for us lulu fans with a lot of input from the TJI group. Everything he says on this video is posted on a daily basis on the boards. I know it's quite a bit of inside humor but if you are a fan, you'll really like this video.