Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos: Wild Lime, New Stay On Course Tanks and More

lululemon flash define jacket and wild lime power y tank
Great photo of the Wild Lime Power Y.

lululemon pig pink stay on course tank
lululemon pigment blue stay on course tank
lululemon pigment blue stay on course tank back view
Photos of the new Stay on Course tanks in Pig Pink and Pigment and White stripes. I really like the Pigment version.

lululemon wild lime bra under pigment chai time pullover
I love how the Wild Lime bra really pops against the Pigment Blue. I was starting to talk myself out of a Wild Lime Energy bra but I have a lot of Bold/Wish Blue and purple tops that this bra would look great against. I really hope it comes to the US. The Free To Be in Wild Lime is here, not sure why the Energy isn't also.

lululemon pig pink lively tee
The Pig striped Lively tee looks very cute on this girl.

Color Comparison: Wild Lime, Faded Zap, Rubber Ducky

A reader sent me this great photo of some of lulu's yellows. From left to right, Wild Lime, Faded Zap, and Rubber Ducky. (Thanks, Rose!)

Flash Bleeds!!

lululemon flash bra white crb
Just posted on the Lulu This In Facebook Group - a photo of how a Flash bra bled all over a white Cool Racerback. It's a luxtreme Free to Be. The woman said she wore it to Cross Fit for a very strenuous  sweaty workout without any problems but when she wore it to hot yoga it bled. She did not pre-wash or soak it before wearing. Anywhoo, those who still want this color, be sure to pre-soak or pre-wash and then only layer with darker colors. Everything touching Flash, even through other layers, should be dark. I've seen photos of Paris Pink bras soaking through a black tank onto towels or jackets. (Thanks to Ms. L for the photo.)

Signed Up for the Sea Wheeze

lululemon sea wheeze half marathon
I officially signed up for the Sea Wheeze today. My husband booked us a hotel in downtown Vancouver so all that's left for me to do is renew my passport and keep training.

Lots of stores have been posting about the marathon on their Facebook pages and some questions have popped up on the Lulu FB page about it:

When asked about pace and walkers:

Great questions. This race is all about enjoying our beautiful city of Vancouver! Walkers are more than welcome to join us on the course and share in the experience. Right now, we don't have an exact time that the course will be closed, so check back with us later to confirm. Thanks,

When asked about a medal at the end (hoping it's a big lulu symbol myself) and when we get the technical gear that is part of the registration price:

There will be a very nice surprise for all of our runners upon completion. But what it is? My lips are sealed! The piece of awesome run tech gear you'll receive will be sent out before the race. This way you can train in it! If I hear anymore specifics, I'll let you know.

FWIW, my guess is that the piece is probably shorts for women given that we have to give a bottoms size. It only goes up to women's size 10 which is where many of the women's run shorts stop. However, quite a few of the women's run crops stop at a 10, too, so it could be them. The fact that it's hot and humid in Vancouver in August makes me think it's shorts, though.

Photos - Silver Spoon Run Outfits and More

lululemon back on track longsleeve top
lululemon back on track ls silver spoon top
This woman makes me want to get this whole outfit -  Silver Spoon Back on Track LS with matching Silver Spoon Inspire crops.

lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon
Silver Spoon Back on Track Pullover (has a hood) shown with the matching Inspire Crops.
lululemon stay on course pullover silver spoon stripe
I don't love the Stay on Course Pullover but I really like the wide Silver Spoon Stripe version. This didn't make it on line yet but I am tempted to order it just for the print.

lululemon stay on course tank silver spoon
The same model in the Silver Spoon Stay On Course tank. I wish some store would put up a photo of the Pigment blue version. It's really cute with the pigment accent stitching.

lululemon flash define and scoop neck tank
lululemon flash scoop neck tank
The same model (love her) in the Heathered Flash Define and Flash Scoop Neck. It looks nice against her dark hair.

lululemon wild lime skinny pirouette
 Wild Lime skinny pirouette headband.

lululemon wild lime free to be bra
Wild Lime Free to Be bra.

Photos - Silver Spoon Power Y, Scoop Neck, Cabin LS, and More

lululemon silver spoon wide stripe power y
Silver Spoon Power Y

lululemon silver spoon stripe scoop neck tank
Silver Spoon Scoop Neck

lululemon graceful flow tank in pig pink
lululemon graceful flow tank in pimgent blue

lululemon graceful flow tank in pigment blue
Photos of the new Graceful Flow Tank that was uploaded to the website yesterday. It's showing up in stores in the US.

lululemon flash cool racerback tank

lululemon flash cool racerback

lululemon flash astro pants
These are some of the best photos I've seen yet that represent how Flash looks in real life.  The Cool Racerback is in the top two photos and the bottom shows Astro pants.

lululemon silver spoon cabin
The new Silver Spoon cabin longsleeve - fat stripes on one side, thin on the other.

lululemon wild lime cool racerback
lululemon wild lime cool racerback tank
A good photo showing a pretty true to life representation of Wild Lime.

lululemon flash pigment wild lime clothes
All the new colors together.