Monday, January 9, 2012


New things just uploaded to the website!

lululemon bon bon scuba hoodie
 I'm very tempted by the Bon Bon Scuba.

lululemon flash cool racerback tank
lululemon flash scoop neck tank
I was a little torn. I prefer the solid version of Flash to the heathered but I really want a Cool Racerback and not a Scoop Neck tank. I ordered the Flash CRB. I can always take it back.

lululemon graceful flow y tank in pigment blue
lululemon graceful flow tank pigment blue
New sheer luon and luxtreme tank called the Graceful Flow. I can tell it won't work for my chest but it looks super pretty and cool.

lululemon wild lime energy bra

lululemon energy bra in flash pink
Canada got new Energy bras in Wild Lime and Flash. We got the Pigment only. I sure hope the Flash Energy is coming to the US eventually.

lululemon silver spoon in stride jacket
A new Silver Spoon Stripe In Stride Jacket was uploaded.

lululemon groove pants
These Groove pants were also tempting me but I can live without them for now.

lululemon flash swiftly tank
I am also tempted by the Flash Swiftly but I really want to try this on first. I haven't bought a swiftly tank in a couple of years and I thought they tweaked the design on them a little in the strap/armhole area.

Flash Scuba and Cool Racerback Photos

lululemon scuba flash hoodie
New Scuba in Flash.

lululemon heathered flash define jacket and wild lime power y tank
The Heathered Flash Define with a Wild Lime Power Y underneath.

lululemon heathered flash cool racerkback tank

lululemon heathered flash cool racerback tank
It looks like the Flash CRB is definitely Heathered.

lululemon flash and wild lime cool racerback tanks
Wild Lime CRB with Flash underneath and Flash CRB with Wild Lime Underneath

lululemon scuba hoodie jacket in bon bon pink
Bon Bon Scubas are also out.

New Arrivals: Flash Define, Wild Lime, Silver Spoon Stay on Course and More!

lululemon pig pink stay on course tank
lululemon silver stripe stay on course tank and flash define jacket
New Stay on Course tanks in solid Pig Pink and the Silver Spoon stripe pattern. The second photo shows the tank with a Heathered Flash Define and Flash Turbo shorts.

lululemon free to be bra and wild lime tadasana pant

lululemon run for it crop in wild lime
Wild Lime Free to Be Bra, shown with Flash Astro pants in the top photo. Also, Flash Run For It Crop.

lululemon heathered flash define

lululemon flash define jacket

lululemon heathered flash define jacket

lululemon flash define jacket
Photos of the new Heathered Flash Define, which is in both Canada and the US. It's shown with Flash Tadasana pants in the bottom photo.

lululemon flash define jacket and silver spoon stripe tank
lululemon silver spoon pique define jacket
 In top photo, new Heathered Flash Define shown with the Silver Spoon pique Define. The bottom photo shows the Define with new Silver Spoon/Coal Tadasana pants.

lululemon stay on course pullover

lululemon silver spoon stay on course pullover

lululemon stay on course silver spoon stripe

lululemon stay on course pullover
New Stay on Course Pullover in Silver Spoon stripe. I kind of like this one.

lululemon flash cool racerback tank
Flash CRB. It kind of looks heathered in this photo. I swear there were solid Flash Cool Racerbacks in Australia. Update - An Australian lulu fan told me that only heathered Flash CRBs were available so there aren't any solid versions coming. (Thanks, Megan!)

Warehouse Sale in.....Chicago!?!?!

On the good side, lulu is bringing a warehouse sale to the US in a couple of weeks. On the bad it's in Chicago. How come, lulu? California has 27 stores, 18 of them in what can be loosely considered Southern California. We win, we have the most lulu stores of any state. How come no love for us, your biggest fans? We don't even have an outlet near us, unlike the Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast. I'm going to go cry into my lulu bandana now but first let me check flight prices to Chicago.