Friday, January 6, 2012

Video on the Specialized-Lululemon Cycling Team

Lulu just released a video interviewing members of the Specialized-Lululemon women's cycling team. It has some great shots of the team uniform, which was designed by lululemon. It also has a team training shirt, which is a dark classic sport gray swiftly with a team logo on it. I wouldn't mind one of those. I wonder when the bike uniform will hit the website and/or local stores. Oh yeah, all the people in the video are wearing lululemon in their interviews. I believe they show the Carlsbad store in the video.

The team Swiftly

Love this so much better than the dull bike jerseys released to the masses the past couple of years.

The video:

Photos - Pig Cabin LS, Pig Power Y, Destined for Greatness and More

The Pig Pink Striped Cabin long sleeve top. Very cute but too bad it wasn't solid pig on the reverse side.

The Pig Pink Power Y is very pretty. However, make sure you don't get cups with dimples in them, this light color will reveal all.

Pigment Blue lively crewneck tee. I love my two Lively crewneck tees but I prefer the ones with a print or pattern/small stripe on them. I cannot wait to get another one.

New Silver Spoon striped pique Define jacket.

A good photo of the pig pink striped In Stride Jacket.

The Silver Spoon No Limit and Pigment Blue Wunder Under Pants.

Pretty pig pink tanks - The Scoop Neck and the Deep Breath

The Destined for Greatness Duffel

Close up of the Silver Spoon striped Back on Track Pullover.

Chip Wilson Stepping Down From Lulu

Just announced widely today - Chip Wilson, Lululemon's founder, will be stepping down from management of the company, effective January 29th. He'll remain on the board of directors. Interesting. I know lululemon has made him a billionaire and one of the richest men in Canada so is he semi-retiring or is there something more to this announcement? The statement to the public was quite brief so I wonder if there is an interesting back story.