Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photos: Back on Track Pullover, Pig In Stride, Flash and More

lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon stripe
lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon stripe
lululemon back on track pullover silver spoon stripe
Photo of the Silver Spoon and White striped Back on Track Pullover. This is made of running luon. This is the version I like the best in this top. The last photo also shows the Pigment and White striped In Stride Jacket.

lululemon pig pink stripe stride jacket

lululemon pig striped stride jacket
A photo of the Pig and White Striped Power Y.  This one is cute.

lululemon no limit tank silver spoon
A straight-on shot of the Silver Spoon No Limit tank shown with the matching Inspire crops. I'm debating whether to take the tags off mine tomorrow to wear to spin. It's supposed to be warm so I'm leaning towards doing it. I've also got a new black zipper CRB that I want to pair with my Tinted Canvas print Energy bra. Decisions, decisions.

lululemon no limit tank
A good photo of a busty woman in the No Limit tank. I like to add another tank under the No Limit for more support - a Flow Y, Energy, Free to Be, or 50 Rep. The Flow Y is the one that shows the least, of course.

lululemon flash energy bra under pigment swiftly tank
I think I took this from an Australian product alert because I believe the Flash Energy bras aren't in North America but I could be wrong. Anyway, we know they're coming and it's on my want list for January. I liked this photo because of how Flash popped against the Pigment Blue Swiftly tank.

lululemon flash deep breath silver spoon speed shorts
The Flash Deep Breath is in Canada but I haven't read of it in the US yet. A Canadian friend who has seen this in person says it's a great, energetic color and not as bright as Paris Pink, despite it glowing on our computer monitors. So far, we know flash tanks are coming in the Deep Breath, Cool Racerback, Scoop Neck, and Power Y. It's also coming in a bunch of bra styles - Flow Y, Cross Your Heart, Energy, and more. The Deep Breath is shown with the Silver Spoon Stripe Speed shorts in this photo.

lululemon flash power y
Flash Power Y - currently only in Australia.

lululemon silver spoon cross my heart bra
An almost straight-on short of the Silver Spoon Cross My Heart tank. I am unsure of how the stripes will work for (or against me).

lululemon silver spoon stripe flow y
New Flow Y in the Silver Spoon striped pattern.

lululemon wild lime wunder under waist
Great closeup of one of the new quilted waistbands. (Cool manicure, too!)

lululemon pigment pace setter
I don't think I've posted this before, it's a new Pacesetter skirt in Pigment Blue.

lululemon tadasana split crop
New Tadasana Slit crops in Deep Coal with a Pig Pink Waistband.

lululemon pig wunder groove crop
Pig Wunder Groove crops.

lululemon boogie short
Pig Boogie short.

lululemon it's getting hot in here bra
Pigment It's Getting Hot in Here bra.

lululemon pigment blue strength and tone short
Strength and Tone Shorts in Pigment Blue.

lululemon insight pant black denim
Insight Pant.

Photos of the Latest Bottoms - Insight Pants, Wunder Under Waistbands and More

The waistband on the left is super pretty.
New Wunder Under waistbands.

The new Wunder Groove crop black and gray waistband.

Photos of the Slub Denim Insight pant.

New Astros with the striped pigment waistband.

Photos of the Latest: Pigment Energy Bra, Wild Lime Flow Y, Pigment Striped In Stride and More

The only photo I've found of it so far - the new Pigment Blue Energy bra is layered underneath that Run: Your Heart Out tank.

A photo showing the Wild Lime Flow Y. On the left is the Flash Define.

Photo of the new Pigment Blue striped In Stride Jacket, along with the matching Power Y. Pretty wild.

Pigment It's Happening Jacket shown with the Heathered Pigment Blue Scoop Neck tank and silver spoon pique Wunder Unders.

 Pig Pink Define Jacket

Photo of the new Pigment Blue and Pig Pink Cross My Heart tanks.

Pig Pink Scoop Neck Tank.
Heathered Pigment Cool Racerback tank

Pigment Chai Time Pullover