Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Star Runner Pullover, Gust Buster Jacket, and More

Pigment Star Runner Pullover and Brisk Run Headband. This pullover is ok but I'm not feeling the lust to own it.

Black, Flare, Cashew Right As Rain Jackets

Photo of the new Cashew Right As Rain Jacket. It also comes in Coal, Black, and Flare. The top photos show it with the Bordeaux Keep On Running Duffel. That is such a gorgeous bag.

Photos of the white Gust Buster Jacket. I am curious to see this one in person and give it a try on. I've been dying for a fleece LLL jacket for awhile. The price is hefty, but it's nice looking.

A few more photos of the Star Runner SS in Tonka Stripe Angel Blue. Shown with the Brisk Run heaband and gloves in Pigment.


Pink Peony 4 said...

I agree the bordeaux drama duffel is gorgeous. This might be my only BD this time around. I need to see it in person. Sometimes they tend to be a little long for my body. I also like the fleece jacket. I bought one last year that is a pullover with somewhat of a cowl neckline. I don't know what it is called anymore. I LOVED to keep it but I gave it to my BFF for christmas. It sold out after that. We probably won't get this here in Texas until much later. If the rain jackets guarantee the rain, my husband will buy me each color. We desperately need rain that's why I don't even look at the jackets.

Anonymous said...

i don't like any of the lulu rain jackets, they don't seem to hold up.
I race sail boats and run in bad weather as well I just use my sail jackets, or NB. I think the lulu jackets are feminine and the colors are very pretty, but they don't look sturdy or able to handle heavy weather, and they are very pricey.

Samantha said...

Does anyone remember how much the gust buster jacket retailed for?