Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Running With My Homies Pant, Cashew Catch Me Tank, and More

Another new running pant - the Running With My Homies Pant.

More photos of the Running With My Homies Pant. Shown with the Pigment Speed Squad tank and the new Twinkle Emboss Black Keep On Running Duffel.

The more I see the Pigment Cool Racerback the more I think I "need" one.  Shown with the Cashew/Black  Tonka Stripe Bright At Night Shorts. This woman makes me want to get the whole outfit.

The Cashew Stripe Catch Me Tank and Light Flare Pacesetter Skirt are in North America now.

Some detail photos on the Gust Buster Vest. Shown with the Star Runner tights.

 Waistband on the Star Runner Tights.

 The Cashew Stripe Neck Warmer


Canadian eh said...

Forget the Lulu, those SHOES! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I love love love all the neck warmers I've purchased (3), and I'll get each and every one Lulu makes. So much easier than a full scarf, just enough to, literally, keep my neck and chest warm. Brilliant in my opinion. Just a touch of accent and easy to wear. So happy to see cashew stripe!

I did not order anything this morning. I'll take my chances with what my local stores get. 3rd month in a row I haven't ordered anything online. Considering I used to drop $100-$300+ every week! Really appreciating my 4-5 years of collecting and the luxury of being able to be selective these days. The quality just isn't the same....but that being said, there is little competition when it comes to smart, hip and classy pieces, when done right! But when they miss, they really miss! And lately that's been more than 50% of the time. Whether it's color choice (or lack of), or overworked frilly, ruffley, poofey unflattering designs....oh and let's not forget see-thru.

But I still love some of your stuff LLL!

Anonymous said...

Other than the Star Runner LS, nothing appeals to me. Pass on the Running with my Homie pant...the bottoms/cuffs are so unattractive. They look very eighties. I predict they end up in wmtm. (I tried on the RWMHomie crops and did not like them at all. I usually never turn down a new crop). Vests and Jackets, pass, pass. And oh no, the Bright at Night Pant has a high waist? I haven't tried them yet but this is disappointing if they're too high.

Curlyq said...

I got the pigment blue crb and LOVE! It is the heavier luon, which I prefer. The color is gorgeous! I have already worn it to the gym twice and once to work.

Curlyq said...

Btw, those are Newton shoes. Zappos sells them. Free shipping too. I'm interested in trying them mostly because they look cool but I'm not sure about running in them.

Sandra said...

I'm not a fan of the running w/ my homies pant. I actually hate it. They look like high waters too.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:59 pm - I bought a neck warmer years ago when it was made of plain luon. It just didn't work for me but I love the look of the Cashew stripe one and now that I see it has a cinch strap I might break down and get it.

I was just thinking I like the look of the run jackets this season. The have an actual waist to them this time around instead of sporting the puff ball look. I am not a fan of ruffles either so I'm waiting for a more restrained pullover like the Full Tilt. I could be in the market for the right retrained solid black or other neutral. However, I do not like the new mesh. It snags WAY too easily.

Anonymous said...

Those running with my homies pants are just hideous. Not flattering and very dated.

Also, just wanted to mention that i'm pretty disappointed with the denim fabric by LLL. I've read on this blog that they pile pretty easily, but I just loved the feel and the look so i bought a pair. And while they are lovely, i've only worn them twice (washed once) and they are already piling and starting to look really worn. What a let down.

Anonymous said...

The neck warmer looks really cute I can't wait to pick mine up. I also would love to get the pace setter skirt in bright orange it is such a great skirt for running