Saturday, September 29, 2012

Product Alerts Heads Up & More

Some new goodies have popped up in the store product alert emails. There are Tender Violet Wunder Unders on the way.

There is a new Polar Cream Rose Herringbone No Limit Tank coming.

There is a new Silver/ Polar Cream Herringbone print Scuba jacket coming. I would like this in a black and gray version.

 A great comparison of Black Swan to Black. (Thanks to Ms. L. for the photo.)

Check it out - the Specialized Lululemon Team bike. From what I understand this is newly available to purchase. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)


Anonymous said...

i received my pigment blue scuba yesterday. i know from comments, not everyone is a fan of the colour but i really really love it myself.

the scuba is uber soft, i also have the currant and it reminds me of that without the metal zipper.

i have not been buying ll as long as some of you but my first scuba was the black swan dip dye from last year sometime. i find the fabric on the currant and the pigment blue is much softer and i find myself grabbing for them much more than the dip dye one.

that is reference more to the currant as i just received the blue.

i know not everyone was a fan of the currant with the metal zipper but i do love it myself.

on another note, i have several pairs of crops and i keep reaching for the discovery crops! i have two pairs. again, i know not everyone was a fan of the two tone mix or found it flattering but i really find myself wanting to wear them all the time.

**the pigment blue scuba has the traditional zipper as well for anyone who is curious.

i personally don't love the orange for me but i don't mind the colour...just horrible with my skin tone. i won't be buying.

i also loved the bordeaux but didn't buy anything, i love it on others but i avoid all things that tone as it reminds me of the 80s...maybe all those highlights everyone used to have lol??

mental block...i actually think its very pretty, i just know i would not be reaching for it.

have a great day all!

Anonymous said...

Will pant in WMTM. I like how you can filter WMTM items by size, fit and activity!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comparison pic--I now know I NEED something in Black Swan!! Can't wait to see the upload. It's on my birthday ;)

Anonymous said...

LLA - went into my store today and saw that they had Tender Violet Inspires!!!!

Anonymous said...

That new Silver/ Polar Cream Herringbone scuba is calling my name. What is the fit like on these. I am typically a 6 in fitted lulu items (CRBs, Defines, WUCs) and a 4 in more relaxed fit items (swiftly tanks, turbo shorts, etc.)

I have never seen a Scuba in person. I live in Atlanta and unfortunately we do not have a "cold weather" store like the OC one that LLA talks about. It does get kind of chilly in the mornings and evenings (by chilly I meanlow 60s) so I think this would be a nice piece to have for throw on when I take my dog out and as a casual winter jacket in a couple months.

Anonymous said...

I'm considering sizing down in the TV WUC because my dense purple/black reversible ones seemed a little large in my TTS 6....Any thoughts? sizing down makes me nervous but I could use a more snug fit

anonymous me said...

Dammit, I'm trying to save money for something but those violet WUCs are literally screaming my name. I have a pair of converse that will match them perfectly.

On the other hand, since we have snow predicted for next week, should I really be buying crops?

Oh lulu, why do you tease and tempt me so?????

-anonymous me

christie said...

I love that scuba!

yogabelle said...

Violet WU's can't wait!

Pink Peony 4 said...

@anon 2:59 pm: You can always add the leg warmers to your outfit since the tender violet is really pretty. Just kidding. I meant boots. Ha ha.
I also like the TV WUC. The herringbone reminds me of a jacket I bought by Columbia from Cabela's last year. I'll have to see this in person but I doubt I'll like it.
I really like black swan. I'll be looking forward to this.
Funny I was at the store yesterday and the eds were talking me into selling them some of my stuff. This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of. I take it they're not mathematicians but with their 60% discount, I'd rather sell on ebay if it comes down to it.

Anonymous said...

I really wish they would release all these fun colors in the wunder grooves...wunder unders, for whatever reason, absolutely do not work for me.

ChantelleTries said...

Just LOVE that new violet. Could this be my 1st pair of wunder unders? I'll take the bike too, does it come in purple?

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hope there is going to be a Scoop Me Up in black swan!

So far, I have the Power Y in creamsicle pop and CRB in black swan on my wishlist for next week.

Laura Strate-Madsen said...

Love those crops!

Anonymous said...

Do we know if the violet wuc will be reversible? If so, will they be truly reversible? With all the see through issues I might pick them up only if they have another layer inside.

Demo said...

is there a link or store I can purchase the lulu specialized team bike?

Erika D. said...

so is this Silver/ Polar Cream Herringbone print Scuba jacket made shorter then the previous designs? based on ur newer comments of shorter jackets.. ill die i like the long ones!