Sunday, September 30, 2012

NEW! Spin It to Win It Capsule

A number of you have commented that there is some info on the lululemon blog page on the new Spin It to Win It capsule that is coming in October. I am really excited about this line.  It sounds like the technical features are really geared towards spin - the bottoms have a higher rear rise, the tops a dropped back hem, and there is lots of ventilation. All of this sounds very promising. I haven't been spinning much since I started running earlier this year but I really miss it and been trying to make time to visit class again. I can't wait to see the new tank and I really like the looks of the Spin City Long Sleeve top.

NEW! Spin It to Win It Crops

New Spin It to Win It Crops. The crops seems to be optimized for spinning - shorter length, articulated knees, and a gusset optimized for spinning. I wonder what that means. I know I have won pinholes into the crotches of my luxtreme crops from rubbing on the saddle. I wonder if these are reinforced or double lined. That would be nice but I doubt it. I like the crops but don't want an attached skirt. I hope there is a skirtless version. I need to remember to check these out when they hit the stores.

  • the skirt is made with breathable, wicking Ultra-Light Swift
  • anti-stink micro-diamond mesh behind the knees to help you keep your cool
  • the rise is higher in the back for a little extra bum coverage
  • the articulated knees let you spin without restriction
  • gusset designed for comfort on the bike
  • Color Comparison - Flare, Creamsicle Pop, and Pop Orange

    Thanks to Ms. H. we have a nice comparison of Flare, Creamsicle and Pop Orange (from left to right). I'll see if I can dig up some photos with Tang Light.

    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    The Economics of Secondhand Lulu

    Most newbies to the lululemon brand grumble about the high prices but what a lot of savvy lululemon collectors know is that they can often get a good portion back or even make a profit on their "investment" in the clothes when they sell them on ebay, Craigslist, Kijiji or private Facebook Swap groups. Some examples:

    A new with tags black Studio Jacket recently sold for $217 + shipping. Original cost: $128

     Used Unicorn Tears Print Cool Racerack sold for $102 + $11 shipping. Original cost: $42$39

    A more typical auction - Tango Red Cool Racerback sold for $27. Original price: $42.

    If you are addicted to having the latest lululemon items, you can wear your clothes a couple of times and resell for only a few dollars less, or sometimes more, than what you paid. One commenter on here declared she spends $30,000 a year at lululemon doing just that. Her net out of pocket costs are a tiny fraction of that number.

    People grumble a lot about the "scarcity model" lululemon employs but it also benefits lululemon re-sellers. It keeps prices high on the secondhand market. Checkout the sale price of any Paris Pink or Flash Cool Racerback or Define Jacket on eBay.
    A recent article on Businees entitled Lululemon's Strict Return Policy Has Created a Huge Black Market couldn't get the secondhand market for lululemon clothes more wrong.  In the article an analyst name Brian Sozzi claims:

    "While this strategy [the narrow two-week return window] might work in the short-term, there's a possibility that the plethora of items available on eBay could devalue the brand. 
    "Along with that underground market for basically new goods that undercut products in the store price-wise, they are also cultivating a pool of unhappy yoga-goers," Sozzi said"

    New-with-tag items on eBay very rarely undercut the store prices. The only people able to get the current lululemon items in the stores for a discount are employees and reselling is strictly prohibited by the company. Termination is the result if you are caught. There are a number of lululemon eBay Power Sellers who make nice incomes combing their local outlets and thrift shops for bargains and then reselling on eBay at a profit. No one is giving away lululemon.

    The secondhand market spreads the brand awareness even further across the globe. Cheaper prices for used luluelmon clothes enables the people who don't have as much disposable income as the target lululemon demographic to buy the brand. It spreads it to the foreign countries that lululemon doesn't ship to or where shipping charges are prohibitively expensive. Ebay shippers often ship for cheaper than the lululemon website.

    As for the two-week window working against them, I don't think it's is a huge issue. Anyone who shops there is made well-aware of the return timeline. Lululemon stores receive new items weekly. The majority of their competitors only update their collections on a seasonal basis so they can stretch the return time to 30 days. I think many people are willing to trade a tight return window for more frequent product updates. Furthermore, people who are comfortable buying and selling their lulu know that if they miss the return window they can often easily sell their new with tags (NWT) items elsewhere for full price and recover their money. This is especially true when the item is sold out in the stores and on-line.

    The strong secondhand market for lululemon is a major advantage for the company over its competitors. It enables people to update their lululemon wardrobe on a frequent basis and is always figured into my calculations when I buy a new piece of lululemon.

    Product Alerts Heads Up & More

    Some new goodies have popped up in the store product alert emails. There are Tender Violet Wunder Unders on the way.

    There is a new Polar Cream Rose Herringbone No Limit Tank coming.

    There is a new Silver/ Polar Cream Herringbone print Scuba jacket coming. I would like this in a black and gray version.

     A great comparison of Black Swan to Black. (Thanks to Ms. L. for the photo.)

    Check it out - the Specialized Lululemon Team bike. From what I understand this is newly available to purchase. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

    Friday, September 28, 2012

    Spotted in the Stores - NEW Black Swan Cool Racerback and More

    New solid Black Swan Cool Racerback has hit stores in the US. I think I might need to get this.

    New Spincity or Spin SS tee, $68. I think this top may be made of luxtreme but am not sure. There is also a cream and gray version.

    New luxtreme top. I don't have a name for you yet.

    Also in the stores are: solid Alberta Lake Green Gather and Crow crops, lined studio pants in black, and a new $198 run jacket called the Puddle Jumper or something like that. (Thanks to Ms. Q. and Ms. T. for the scoop.) A reader also commented she heard there are Rose Herringbone Wunder Unders on the way.

    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Black Swan / Creamsicle Pop No Limit Tank and More

    The Black Swan / Creamsicle Pop No Limit Tank. These photos are all from an Australian store.

    Tender Violet SS Swiftly with the Tender Violet Eighth Check Full Stride Skirt.

    Creamsicle Pop Swiftly SL and Full Stride Skirt.

     Creamsicle Pop Flow Y

    The Latest Power Ys Are in the US and More

    The new Albert Lake green striped Power Y is in the US now. Shown with Bordeaux Aphrodite crops and Cross Town pants. I only want this color if it's coming in a solid form, particularly in a CRB or a Scuba hoodie.

    Shown with the My Mantra Pant

    The new Polar Cream / Silver striped Power Y is in the US, too.

    The Creamsicle Pop Power Y is here, too. I am going to wait for the Cool Racerback.

    No more plain white mailers from the website anymore. These aren't so easy to hide from the hubby/S.O. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the top photo.)

    A comparison of Studio Pant colors - Indigo on the left and Black Swan on the right. (Thanks to Ms. D. for the photo.)

    One of you quipped in the comments that lulu was getting this latest palette inspiration from the Halloween decoration section at Walgreens. You weren't too far off.  ;-)

    Purples Comparison - Tender Violet, Potion Purple, Lolo Purple, Ultraviolet, and More

    I took a billion comparison photos of my purples for you. Tender Violet looks like Barney the Dinosaur Purple  - a very true purple - to me. The above photo was taken outside in indirect natural light. You can click on it to get a bigger image.
    1. Lolo Purple Mesh Headwrap
    2. Potion Purple Define
    3. Tender Violet Bangbuster
    4. Ultraviolet Bangbuster
    5. Power Purple Mesh Headwrap
     The same grouping rearranged (the pink in the left is Pow Pink):
    1. Potion Purple
    2. Power Purple
    3. Ultraviolet
    4. Tender Violet
    5. Lolo Purple
     1 - Potion Purple, 2 - Ultraviolet, 3 - Tender Violet, 4 - Lolo Purple, 5 - Jellybean Purple

    Taken outside

    This is taken inside in flourescent light: 
    1. Jellybean Spark Tank
    2. Concord Grape Tame Me Tank
    3. Tender Violet Bangbuster
    4. Lolo Purple Mesh Headwrap
    5. Potion Purple Define
     One more comparison: Tender Violet Bangbuster on bottom, Violaceous Dance Headband on the left, Dewberry Space Dye, Raspberry/Black Dance, and Raspberry (I think) on the right. One of those last two could be Orchid, I think. Anyway, they're all pinker than Tender Violet.