Monday, March 5, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

There was a new Run For All Singlet in Lavender Dusk. I was really tempted to get this tank.

I also took a look at the new Tall Reverse Groove shorts to see how they compared to my warm weather multi-activity favorite Biker Groove shorts. I swear the length was nearly identical. The biggest difference is the opening at the bottom of the leg is not as constrictive as in the Biker Grooves.  The photo above has a pair of regular Reverse Grooves laid on top of the Talls.

The above photo shows the new Swiftly headband. It has little gripper nubs inside. I ended up buying one in Ultraviolet but it also comes in dark classic sport gray, lavender dusk, and aquamarine. It's very comfortable and it might be too loose for people with smaller heads. They are $14.

I also tried on the new Power Dance in the Wee Are From Space Multi. The fit has not changed from previous versions. The top portion is made of luxtreme. The price is $58. I was also tempted by this but I have three Power Dances and one Power Technique. I don't need anymore in this style as much as I like the color.


Anonymous said...

Does the swiftly headband provide enough 'support' to actually hold your hair back? Does that make sense? I love my swiftlys but they are so lightweight that I'm afraid they won't hold my hair back but I love the style of cute!

Anonymous said...

lavender dusk?

Pink Peony 4 said...

LLA, I also feel the same way about the power dance tank. I tend to buy all at once and then get tired of either the style or color. I did buy the practice freely in UV and dazzling and the 2 new skirts in fossil and multi. I got a white bang buster for Zumba. I want to know more about the new wunder under crop SE with a cuff on the bottom. It look like it has potential to be cute and functional. I can't wait to get the new swiftly headbands. My store did not have them. They just got their shipment in and they had to dig out my size in the skirts. Thank goodness they sort of know me. I love this blog btw. Keep it up, I'll keep checking.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:08 pm - my hair is so baby fine and I don't have a ton of it that this headband doesn't have an issue holding my hair back. It didn't feel super tight. The material is doubled up so it does feel nearly as substantial as a luon headband.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I have a ton of hair; it's really heavy. I wonder which style of headband might work for me. I tend to use a Goody black headband, plus a ponytail, to keep my hair tamed during Zumba and during runs.