Monday, March 12, 2012

New Good Karma Pullover, Wunder Under Pants, In Stride Jacket, and More

New Good Karma pullover in Heathered Lavender Gray. (Although this could be Lavender Dusk. I'll update when I know for certain.) In the top photo are new Wunder Under Pants in fossil Wee Are From Space print. The bottom is show with an Ultraviolet Open Your Heart Tank. The Good Karma is also coming in Heathered Rocksteady.

New Practice Freely in Coal Fossil Wee Are From Space Print.

New Wunder Under crops in Heathered Deep Coal and Wunder Under Pants in the Fossil Wee Are From Space Print.

A better photo of the new In Stride in Heathered Lavender Dusk (thanks to Donna for the photo).

New In Stride Jacket in Heathered Lavender Gray Dusk and Black. I saw a better photo of this and the color is Lavender Dusk.


Anonymous said...

The new ultraviolet stride is much prettier than this one shown.

Anonymous said...

Meh on the Stride pictured. And the stripes on the Wunder Unders look like (skin) stretch marks. Too bad the grooves are gone. They never came to our store. I wanted to try them on. But they did look a bit like pajamas. I can probably live without them.
I hope there are some new Defines coming down the pike. I don't care for the black/march multi one.

Anonymous said...

I bet this In Stride doesn't sell very well.

Sunny said...

I was really excited about the karma pullovers when they came out last time but didn't care for the fit, it hit me at the wrong spot.