Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More of the Latest

I love the look of this Groove Crop Quilted Waistband.

Blurred Blossom Astro Pants

Blurred Blossom Scoop Neck and Power Y tanks.

 Most photos I've seen pair the Blurred Blossom Pace Setter with the Flash Cool Racerback but it looks nice with black.

Blurred Blossom Pace Setter skirt with a Flash Cool Racerback
Flash Extra Long Cool Racerback


Anonymous said...

I ordered the blurred blossom power y and scoop neck and I'm so excited to see them in person! I returned my blurred blossom pacesetter because the pleats bunched up funny in the back. It was cute though. Any word if a blurred blossom CRB is coming? I feel like we hasn't been confirmed.

Anonymous said...


JWtraub said...

I paired my Blurred Blossoms skirt with the Ultraviolet Swift Tank. It also looks amazing with my Flash Power Y, Surge Power Y...Plan to pair my Blurred Blossoms Power Y with my Pig Pink Jog how one print can transcend so many years of collecting!

Anonymous said...

i just received my flash power-Y - WOW!! LOVE FLASH!!! Next to Paris PInk - it looks on the orange-side but NEON ORANGE!

Sara said...

What shirt is in the first pic? Looks like a more pink tone than Flash. Anyone?