Friday, February 17, 2012

Photos of the Latest

I saw these crops in the store today - they are Deep Indigo Excel crops with a Wee Are From Space waistband. They are very low key if you are looking for solid Deep Indigo luxtreme crops.

A couple of photos featuring Black Wee Stripe Wunder Under bottoms. Both are paired with the Paris ribbed striped CRB. I tried on the Wee Stripe WU pants but I don't care for WU pants on me. The wee stripe WU pants are as soft as the wee stripe crops.

The Inkblot Every Yogi tee paired with Tea Lounge pants - a cozy, comfy outfit.

The Aquamarine In Stride is very distinctive with the Discover Stripe lulu symbol. The top photo pairs it with the Excel crop in the Wee Are From Space/Aquamarine. I really like that combo.

The Heathered Aquamarine Every Yogi tee. There is a white EY coming. I got a PN for it today.

The new Scoop Neck tanks are long now.

New Metal Vent Tech in Heathered Silver Slate. I like this pale gray neutral. I need to keep an eye out for it for my husband.

I love this combo - Paris Swiftly 1/2 Zip (I was hoping to try this on today but neither store I went to had it) and Paris Inspire crops.

I love this combo, too. The Aquamarine Back on Track tank with coordinating Excel crops.

 I am liking the Wee Are From Space Ta Ta Tamer. I saw it in the store and liked it much better in person. It's black yet kind of wild.


J in TO said...

I want that aqua In Stride with the discover stripe!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish you would have grabbed me a pair of the indigo excel crops---I love that color and those are so pretty!!! ;) Maybe they'll show up in our store soon!! Q

Anonymous said...

I love those indigo run crops!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those excel crops! anyone seen them in canada? as of wednesday, they weren't anywhere in calgary.

Anonymous said...

I think they removed all paris pink items from the stores :(

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have looked at the inside seams of your ebb and flow crops? I have worn and washed once and it looks like the fabric/stitching along the inside waistband and bottom leg seams are unravelling :( I love them and all I can find are good reviews, but I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem too? They look as though they will completely unravel with just a couple more wearings.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:05 pm - I just looked at my Ebb and Flows. Are you talking about the triangle-shaped stitches? Mine aren't unraveling but they don't look super tight. I have worn them twice and washed once (hung dry).

I will keep an eye on them. I will be so bummed if they start falling apart. Bring them back to your store. I would think the seamstress could fix them since they are on a seam. I've had that happen on a few item - hems/seams come unraveled and lulu has fixed them with no problems.

Anonymous said...

Anyone use the run back on track tank to actually run in? I have B+ girls, and usually need a higher support bra to run...But that tank is so cute!! TIA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking on the ebb and flows! The threads I'm seeing popping out don't appear to be the stitching. It's hard to tell, but it seems like its the edge of the fabric fraying near the stitching line. So if the fabric continues to fray, the stitching will fall out. I called my local store and they said to bring them in so they can assess. But the ebb and flows are sold out, so they can't be replaced. I am hoping I am just over reacting and they will be OK, because I love them! I think I will wear them a couple more times and wash them in the sink to see if it gets any worse before I bring them in. I always use the hand wash option on my washer and hang to dry, and this is the first time I have seen this on any of my lulu.
P.S Love your blog!