Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEW! Run: For All Singlet

The new run tank is the Run: For All Singlet. It also comes in Dazzling orange. I think I might need this one. (Thanks to Alice for the tag photo.)

Spotted in US Stores - the Heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback!

All right! The heathered Dazzling Cool Racerback is in the US. This was spotted in a Chicago store. (Thanks to Staci for the pic.)

Ultraviolet and Dazzling Swiftly Tanks

 Looking like a bowl of sherbet - Dazzling Swiftly tank and Paris speed shorts.

The Ultraviolet Swiftly tank is calling my name, too. Dang it! Shown with Dazzling speed shorts.

A reader remarked the Dazzling-Ultraviolet combo reminds them of Dunkin' Donuts. Maybe that's why I like it so much. LOL.

Photos of the Latest

Ghost Ninja look - Heathered Dark Classic Sport Gray Ebb and Flow Tank and Crops.

More Ebb and Flow - Lavender Dusk Ebb and Flow tank with Classic Sport Gray E&F crops.

 Deep Indigo denim Urban Flow pant with Lavender Dusk Ebb and Flow tank.

Black Slub Denim Energize Pant.

Arm warmers in action.

 Dazzling Scuba - it's still calling my name.

 Love this combo.

 Lavender Dusk CRB (ribbed, I think) and Ride On Crops.

The new Ride Om yoga bag. Shown with the denim Urban Flow pant and Ebb and Flow tank.

More Debut Tank Photos

Debut tank on a bustier woman. Shown with the Heathered Lavender Define and Energize pants.

I love Lavender Dusk with denim indigo. Debut tank and Urban Flow pants.

Shown with the Ultraviolet Special Edition Wunder Unders

Photos - Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil Cool Racerback

A few more photos of the Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil Cool Racerback. This is arrving in stores at the end of the week in the US.

I am dying to see this pattern in person. This is a close up from a photo of the Arise Bra in the same pattern.

NEW Run Tank

A new nameless run tank popped up in the photos. It almost looks like it's made of sheer luon but I would think it's silverescent. I like the simplicity. As soon as I find out more I will update.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Outfit of the Day for Pure Barre Class

My outfit of the Day for Pure Barre was a black Challenge Tank, black Wee Stripe reversible Wunder Under crops with my new Ultraviolet Bang Buster headband. I was think thinking I didn't care for the Bang Buster headband much when I bought the Pig Pink one but I scrunched it up like they showed on the lulu website and I like it better. I really like Ultraviolet with my coloring so I am hoping some cute tanks come out in this color.

Photos - Special Edition Wunder Unders, Fossil In Stride Jacket, and More

The Coal Special Edition Wunder Unders with the stitching up the back of the leg. Shown with the Fossil In Stride Jacket. 

Fossil / Wee Are From Space Coal/Fossil In Stride Jacket.

The Black SE Wunder Unders.

A couple of cute pairings with the Ultraviolet Tracker Shorts. In the top is the Dazzling Swiftly SS and the bottom has the Deep Indigo Swiftly.

 Aquamarine Flow and Go paired with the Wee Are From Space Multi (WESM) WUs.
 I probably like Dazzling tops (Swiftly tee here) best with these WUs.

Lavender Dusk Scoop Neck with the WESM WUs.

The Wee Are From Space Multi print close up.

Dazzling Swiftly and the Wee Are From Space Speed Shorts. The one fit report I read of this said they seem to run shorter than other Speed shorts.

 Heathered Ultraviolet Wunder Under crops.

Urban Flow Pant Photos

One of the most interesting things to me about the new Urban Flow pant is the big iphone pocket in the waistband. My husband has this pocket in his Work to Play pants and Kahuna shorts and he loves the feature. I hope this becomes a regular feature of the women's bottoms, too.

People who have tried this pant on are reporting that the waistband is high.

Shown with the Lavender Dusk Define

Debut Tank Photos

I was doing this move in Pure Barre earlier today. I am looking forward to the last class of my Groupon. PB totally wipes me out and the last two classes I've felt a bit nauseous towards the end. I know, what a wimp.  Anywhoo, enough of my whining - this is a photo of the black Debut tank with the Wee Are From Space March Multi Wunder Unders - super cute outfit for barre class.

I think this girl is pretty petite based on the fit of her Wunder Unders