Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Photos of the Latest

Wild lime tank with the Wren Camo Hot Hot Shorts.

An interesting combo - Back on Track Tank in the Pigment Stripe paired with the Silver Spoon Stripe Speed shorts.

 The Pigment Blue Silver Bullet Tank is on my Wish list. Loving this color so much more than the Royalty version last summer.

I like this combo - Silver Spoon Pique Define paired with a Wild Lime CRB, Flash bra, and black Tadasana pants.

 A good photo of the new Bang Buster headband. It seems to be a hit. I really hope it comes in some bright colors in the future.

The sticky Method socks are back in the stores. I have a pair I got at Bar Method. Do you think they'll yell at me if I wear them to Pure Barre? (JK) I have a Groupon for classes I need to start using soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you are going to LOVE Pure Barre. I am an addict. Socks are so appropriate (although I think Gaiam's socks are the absolute best, even compared to my Lulu and Pure Barre socks, because they have stickies on the toes. They are toe socks, which I don't love, but the extra stickies make all the difference for me in plank so I don't slide).

Anonymous said...

Love those socks, cannot wait to get a new pair! My old ones are all worn out.

You can wear your socks to whatever studio you want to. I teach barre classes and I don't care if clients have socks on from other studios in my classes. As long as they have socks, it's all good!

Thank you so much for all your awesome updates, I love them all.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Wow I LOVE that headband! Haven't seen it in stores here...hope it comes up online soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE these socks. They are especially great for warmer days as they are thinner than the pure barre socks. Glad they are back. I, too, teach pure barre. Love my job!!!

MonkeyGirl said...

I LOVE Bar Method- total fanatic! I'm sure I'd love Pure Barre too- I would love a pair of thinner socks! Gotta get some of these! I have ones from the Bar Method, but they got wore out so I just bought some 'traction socks' from amazon.