Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos: Wild Lime, New Stay On Course Tanks and More

lululemon flash define jacket and wild lime power y tank
Great photo of the Wild Lime Power Y.

lululemon pig pink stay on course tank
lululemon pigment blue stay on course tank
lululemon pigment blue stay on course tank back view
Photos of the new Stay on Course tanks in Pig Pink and Pigment and White stripes. I really like the Pigment version.

lululemon wild lime bra under pigment chai time pullover
I love how the Wild Lime bra really pops against the Pigment Blue. I was starting to talk myself out of a Wild Lime Energy bra but I have a lot of Bold/Wish Blue and purple tops that this bra would look great against. I really hope it comes to the US. The Free To Be in Wild Lime is here, not sure why the Energy isn't also.

lululemon pig pink lively tee
The Pig striped Lively tee looks very cute on this girl.


Anonymous said...

The pig striped Lively tee is at the Santa Barbara store-it is SO SOFT I wanted to buy one just to sleep in, but I'm not a pink person so I passed.

For some reason it is much softer than my other Lively tees.

Anonymous said...

The young lady modelling the Stay On Course tank in pigment stripes is gorgeous. And she has that smile that lulu web models share. Lulu find out who this girl is and hire her to model for you, if would make me want to buy what she wear!

Now changing the subject, I wanted to ask whether you guys ever fold your long lulu tanks inwards, so that the design/colours on the waistband of your bottoms show? So often I want to do this, because the waistband plays so well with the colours of the tank top, but I wonder if it would look tacky or odd. Almost all of the lulu tanks I have are sooo long that they completely cover the waistband of any bottom I wear.

Anonymous said...

I think this model is adorable too. She looks great in everything she's modeling and she has a great camera smile. Lulu hire her!

Christine said...

Both of these girls need to be hired as Lulu models. They make me want to go buy more things that I otherwise would have passed on!!

BTW Can anyone give any input on Lulu men's shirts? I was considering getting a shirt or something for my man for Valentine's Day and would love to hear what people suggest. I'm leaning towards the Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve but am open to other ideas!!

Anonymous said...

I agree - that girl is perfect for being a lulu model! Hire her up!

I second the men's suggestions request! I'd like to get something for my husband for his birthday coming up.

Tite Mélan said...

Do you know if there is a flash or wild lime slipless headband???

Anonymous said...

And her long arms would perfectly model the It's Happening Jacket!
Any chance of seeing her in this jacket? I might get it then lol

Anonymous said...

Is the pigment shirt in stores already or coming soon?

Anonymous said...

I haven't been a huge fan of the flash colour so far... But the top photo with the wild lime power Y and define looks really good!