Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photos: Lively Tees, Pig Pink Defines, and More

lululemon pig striped lively tee
The pink and white fat striped Lively tee is cute. Did it already sell out on the website? I can't remember if it was uploaded last week.

lululemon pig pink define jacket and deep breath tank together
I must be in a pink mood. This looks so pretty together - the Pig Define with a matching Deep Breath tank underneath.

lululemon pig pink define and coal tadasana slit crop pants
The same girl but not you can see her pants - the matching Tadasana slit crops in Heathered Deep Coal with a pig waistband. I liked this crop a lot when I tried them on.

lululemon pigment blue tadasana pant
There are two new Tadasana pants out now, too - these in Pigment and one with a Pig waistband.

lululemon its happening jacket and lively tee
The Pigment Blue It's Happening Jacket with the Pigment and white striped Lively Crewneck tee underneath.

lululemon pigment stride and cross my heart tank
lululemon pigment blue striped stride jacket with silver stripe tank
Two interesting pairings with the Pigment striped In Stride Jacket - one with a solid Pigment Cross My Heart tank and the other with a Silver Spoon striped Run: Back on Track tank.

lululemon cross my heart tank in pigment blue
Solid pigment blue Cross My Heart. This is how it looked when I tried it on - the under laying bra really showed.

Wunder Under crop quilted waistbands.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info LLA and Happy New Year!! I see the grey piqué crops paired with the deep new blue color but how about the grey(silver spoon) crops paired with the Pig or even Paris Pink?? Anyone know??

Anonymous said...

Very tempted by the Tadasana pants. Might satisfy my Splits59 Raquel craving. I may go there today & see if they have them. If not today, then tomorrow.

I noticed that the Energy Bra is totally gone from the US site. Wasn't it up there just a day or so ago? Do they pull the item when they're adding new colors?

Anonymous said...

Any idea when more markdowns will be posted online??

Anonymous said...

What's with Lulu customer service? I emailed them 12/16 because I wanted to return a pair of pants and the invoice said "cannot be returned at this point." I figured that that must be an automated notice because this was the holiday period and it should be returnable & asked if this was the case (and, frankly, if so, shame on Lulu for misleading its shoppers who don't know about the extended holiday returns period by not updating their automation during that period -- it's not rocket science).

So...12/16 I write. When do they respond? Yesterday. When does the holiday return period end? Today. That's really poor customer service.

Fortunately, I took the item to a store in the meantime and returned it. I figured the no return message -- which was on the invoice that I took to the store -- was wrong. But a more meek Lulu shopper might not figure that.

Shame on Lululemon. Weeks and weeks to answer a simple question, and you answer it when it is potentially too late (for people who don't see their email or can't get to a postal facility & certainly can't get to USPS on a Sunday).

I should add, they did email a return authorization, so perhaps the postmark date doesn't matter in that case & it's the authorization that needs the right date window. But still... Not replying for weeks? Not good.

Anonymous said...

They didn't reply to me for almost two weeks when my card was double-charged for an item. I decided to email them about 5 times in the same day (two days in a row) and they finally responded. I figure it's just a bunch of kids working there and the customer who squawks the loudest will get the service.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me the difference between the fit of the groove pant and the tadasana pant. I like a pant that is fairly fitted below the knee and then flairs out at calf.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope to see more Lively tees! My local Seattle stores only have grey and black. Boring! no pink pig or the other colors online. Actually not many colors at all in anything. Maybe this means a whole new batch of items? Slim pickings in the stores right now. Just plain basics.

Anonymous said...

Our store didn't have the new solid blue stride jacket, nor the pigment scoop neck, the 2 things I was curious about. But they had a lot of the pig pink stuff and also the blue striped stride. First time possibly ever in my short addiction that I walked out without buying anything. Phew!

Anonymous said...

@2:51, you would like the tadasana or the recognition pant. (also check out's Raquel pant ; I'm waiting 'til fall, when the replenish the version w/o the stripes down the leg).
Groove is wider. Groove and recognition have a lower waist than Tadasana. But I'm a newbie (I have a pair of grooves and tadasanas, though), so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt they leave alot to be desired in the customer service department. I emailed them because I had ordered a few xmas items with overnight shipping which shipped on the 21st of December and didn't arrive until the 28th! Needless to say, not that impressed. I had one person email me back (also two weeks later) to say sorry but you must not have understood the shipping policy and then another person responded and said I'm so sorry here's a $20 gift card. Get organized people!!! It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

question for anyone. What is the feedback on the Run Essential Jacket??? There are no reviews on the website. I have been looking for a black lightweight to use for running , walking, etc. that is wind & water resistant with style.


Mimi_yogi said...

Gosh, please allow me a moment to vent my frustrations on Lulu and FedEx. Omg they are such a mess!!! I have an order I placed on boxing day that has yet to arrive!! I have almost forgotten what I ordered.

I live on the east coast and have excepted that the free ground shipping will take a little longer. I understand waiting a week or so. However media mail moves faster than FedEx ground!! I have waited 10 days sometimes.

Lulu "shipped" on the 26th. Same day shipping is a treat seeing as it normally takes 24-48 hours to get a shipping confirmation. It really did not ship until the next day. The estimated delivery was dec 31st, then jan 4th. My items are still somewhere in OR and tracking hasn't been updated since jan. 4th when the "estimated delivery" was removed. Today is january 9th and nothing has moved.

I have sent 3 emails to Lulu. No answer. Live chat said to be patient it's on the way and were a bit bitchy. Honestly i felt like I needed to apologize during the conversation and i was so nice to her! I didnt want to sound aggressive for fear of not getting help. I didnt get it anyway.

I'm really tired of this! I would have paid for 3-day shipping except its not worth it! They charge soooooooo much for 3-day (it always says at least $20-$30) and I normally only order 1-2 items at a time to avoid canceled orders with stock issues. It doesn't make sense to pay that extra money when Lulu is going to take 1-2 days to ship (from a Tuesday upload) which then means the weekend is a factor and I don't get my package for a week anyway. However, waiting over 2 weeks? I think that is unacceptable.

Crappier still, I placed 2 additional orders on the 2 uploads since and those had an estimated delivery of jan. 7th. They never arrived and are still sitting in a FedEx warehouse in OR with no updated delivery date. It honestly makes me not want to place anymore orders with lulu and definitely no more orders with FedEx as the shipper!

FedEx has been no help either. When called they only tell me what I already know from the tracking information-nothing!

Sorry for the rant. I just get so excited for new lulu. I don't have a store near me and I rely on the Internet for goodies. It's too stressful to do this. I wish lulu would offer more options for shipping, and also make expedited shipping a fair price. I honestly believe that due to the free shipping they offer for ground, they gouge for 3-day and overnight to make up for it. I understand they need to make money, but they also need happy customers.

I have ordered from little mom&pop online shops that have better customer service/shipping time. I have ordered from gap, etc and they have better customer service/shipping time. I know when I call the gap I am going to be treated like a valued customer, unlike lulu, where when I call I'm treated like I'm being a pain in the butt just cause I'd like to receive the product I paid for! I'm almost afraid to call them with issues because I don't need to be made to feel as though I did something wrong. It's like they think they are doing ME a favor by allowing me to shop from them LOL!

Alright vent over. Sorry :( I was so hoping to wake up to updated tracking and good news that my items were out for delivery :( thanks for allowing me to process this out loud. Lol :) hello, my name is Mimi and I am a lulu addict with obvious co-dependcy issues.

Mimi_yogi said...

Sorry I just re-read what I wrote and I see I used "excepted" instead of "accepted". I am so bummed out I've lost my handle of the English language lol! sorry for my errors :)

Anonymous said...

Mimi_yogi I had something similar happen too and I may be able to help you find out where your packages are. I live on the East Coast too so I know 2-7 days means 7 days. I would rather pay something (though not $20+)to get my package in a more timely fashion.
Essentially the same thing happened to me. Fedex phone is automated and useless. It just reads off the tracking screen you can see. If you use their customer service email it gets directed to a live person who will respond. I got an email back, locating my package within 2 hrs. You should try it.
Hope it helps! That is so frustrating!

Mimi_yogi said...

Anon 8:42, thank you! I have sent an email about my packages. Fingers crossed I get some answers or at the very least and ETA :)

Anonymous said...

Great... I guess I'll just disregard the 1/10 estimated delivery date for the pants I ordered since the package hasn't been updated since 1/5 as arrived in Oregon. FedEx isn't the issue since I never have to wait nearly as long for them to deliver when I order from other retailers. I'm sure it's the specific (& cheap) contract that Lulu has with them that causes their shipping to be SO SLOW.

That's not even what I wanted to ask about here, but I couldn't help with all those other vents to mention that. I actually wanted some opinions on what size to order a Define in. I don't have one yet, only have a Stride jacket which is a size 8 and fits me pretty well, but it's snug in my hips which are curvy. I wear 8 bottoms with Lulu and often wear 6 tops. I could still wear 8 tops they'd just have a bit of space for my "fat" days and I'm trying to drop the lbs (never ending battle), so I'm not sure which size I should go with? I have never tried on a Define so I really feel lost on what size to opt for? I'd love to see pictures of someone that's between sizes in two different sized Defines to see how they look.

Anonymous said...

@10:47, If it helps, I take 6 in pants (could do 6 or 8), 8 in most camis, 10 in some bras that accentuate back flab. But I take a 6 in Define, Cuddle Up & other jackets (got an 8 Scuba to have a little more room for sweaters underneath, and that fits fine, too).

But…I tried on the new pigment blue Define and that definitely fits tighter than the other Defines I've tried. I would do an 8 in that. There’s something about that fabric, I think, because the pigment blue TTT bra I tried on was also too tight, when I bought the same size in a different fabric just a few days before (Persian purple), so it's not a matter of my body changing.

This is solid pigment I’m talking about, not the stripes, which I didn’t try on (or heathered, which I bought in my normal size for the Deep Breath cami, an 8).

They didn’t have a 6 Define in pigment, though, so I can’t say just how tightly it would have fit. I will just say the 8 fit me as snugly as my normal 6 (and I wore my normal 6 into the store).

I don’t have wide hips at all, though. So that could change how the jackets fit, if my hips were wider. I’m 5’4”, 125 lbs. I like the Define snug but not constricting. It's not so tight that you see my bra line, for example.

I did try an 8 when I got my first Define (bird's nest or whatever that color was), and it was too loose, losing the nice effect of the tailoring.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I don't live near a store so can only do online purchases. That being said, I really want to order the It's Happening Jacket but after reading the reviews on the site and the ones on this blog, I'm still at lost with the size I should order.

I'm 5'7, 127lbs, 34B, wear a size 4 in tanks and tops but 6 in all lulu bras (otherwise they make me too flat). Only have one define in pique size 6 and it's loose. I wear a 6 in all wraps (Method, Savasana, Gratitude).

What size should I order the It's Happening? I don't want it skin tight though.


Mimi_yogi said...

In less than 3 hours I heard back from FedEx. All 3 of my purchases will arrive over the next 3 days. It seems crazy that I should wait 15 days to receive a package, but that is sadly the case. I have gotten packages from Europe and Asia in less time. There is no reason for things to arrive in over a week. Unless of course they have some super cheap deal with FedEx that is slower than ground. Who knows? I know that it effects the way I will shop at Lululemon. If they want people to keep buying more we need to receive the product in order to get excited to buy more! Anyway, rant over, at least I know I'll be getting my items. Thanks for your help!!!

screenshop said...

I too have been waiting for over 9 business days for a package to arrive, and this is not the first time. I agree with you - lulu has got to invest in a better shipping deal. Zappos ships free to to me in 24 hours, always, period.
I'm fed up and stressed out too. No more buying online from lulu, which means less lulu purchases overall because the local store usually doesn't have my size in anything I want.