Thursday, January 19, 2012

OOTD for W3D1 Couch to 5K

I wore a Turn Around LS to run in a couple of days ago and was too hot by the end of the workout. That seems to be a low 40s type of top for running in. Today it was 46F when I got up, probably more in the low 50s now, so I am going to try running in my Black Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover to see if that works better. The C25K Week 3 workout is: 5 minute warmup walk, then 2 repetitions of 90s run / 90 s walk then 3 minute run / 3 minute walk. That seems kind of short but I'll see how I feel. Anyhow, the full OOTD is: Black Herringbone Full Tilt Pullover, older Hills Crops (luxtreme front, luon backside and one of my favorites), Rocksteady Ta Ta Tamer, technikini underwear, lulu featherlight socks, and coordinating Sprinkler Blue/Ikat print Dance headband to play off the bra when I unzip the pullover. I am finding I really like the Dance headbands to keep my chin-length hair out of my face for running. It's not super hot so I don't need a headband to absorb sweat. I would like get a visor to run in sometime soon.

Update - back from the run. This top was too hot and I can see myself switching to all luxtreme bottoms before long since the luon was getting sticky. I'm off to get a foam roller now.


Anonymous said...

I had to quit running b/c of my ITB. Went to physio but it still gets to me when I run for more than 20 mins. Sucks because I love to run!

Anonymous said...

Another super-cute outfit LuluAdd! Love it!

trish said...

the trick is to add 20 degrees to the current temperature and dress for that. if it's 46 degrees dress like it's 66 degrees. you may be a little chilly at first but once you get going your body will warm up :)

Jodi said...

I was just reading your seperate "5k" blog and read where you were told not to spin and run while training. I can say from running many halfs and full marathons (along with many of my friends) that this can help you tremendously. I would say not to spin on the same day as your run, but it will stregnthen you legs and give you a great cardio work out that compliments your running.
Good luck with your training and hang in there.. it gets easier and addictive! :o)

Anonymous said...

hey, if you haven't already got your foam roller yet, try this one. Its travel size and hollow so you can stuff it with running gear. It would be perfect to take to sea wheeze with you!

Monica said...

Ah yes.. I've been reviewing my LS lulu tops based on tempurature. The verdict:

Swiftly short sleeve: 55+
Swiftly long sleeve: 45 - 55
Turn Around LS: 40 - 45
Full Tilt: 40- (and layers if less than 30)

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

How do you keep your headbands up? I try with long Bobby pins and they still fall off the back of my head. I totally want them to work!

Kristin said...

I've been thinking about trying the dance headbands. Now if only they would offer a color I liked!

Unknown said...

Great outfit!! i wish I can go out and run!!! It's been snowing crazy and the weather is like 10s outside. I can't even think about running outside right now!! I wish I have 40 degree weather!!!! :D

LuluAddict said...

@ trish - I have read the 20 degree trick but sitting still at 66F I would be chilly in that top. I think I need to add more like 30 when I run for extended periods. I would have been great in a SS Swiftly today after I go going. It's just facing the initial 10 minutes of warm up that's tough.

@ Monica - I am coming to the conclusion that I need to stick to wearing my LS Swiftlys for colder mornings. I only have two, though, so boring OOTDs from now on. ;-)

@ anon 4:37 - maybe I have a big head? The only time headbands ever fall off my head is when I am laying down doing an incline press or something like that.

@ anon1:01 pm- I did end up getting a travel size roller - not this one - but another.