Friday, January 27, 2012

NEW! Transformation Wrap

This must have been the wrap the educator told me about. It's called the Transformation Wrap. I like it. I will update with more details when I find them but I wanted to get the photos out there ASAP.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this! I'd be interested to find out what the price point will be. I don't have any lulu wraps yet, but I'm guessing this will be my first.

Anonymous said...

Just got mine today! Its very nice and purchased the blk in a 4 although I wear a 6 in the tanks and 8 in the jackets. Price point is high! It was $138.

Anonymous said...

Bought this yesterday. I'm not usually a lulu sweater buyer...but this wrap stole my heart. So soft, interesting looking, and in my opinion, worth the price. I paid $150 after tax.

And pardon my language, but this is the quality sh*t that lululemon should be making. They should be EARNING our hard earned money.