Monday, January 9, 2012

New Arrivals: Flash Define, Wild Lime, Silver Spoon Stay on Course and More!

lululemon pig pink stay on course tank
lululemon silver stripe stay on course tank and flash define jacket
New Stay on Course tanks in solid Pig Pink and the Silver Spoon stripe pattern. The second photo shows the tank with a Heathered Flash Define and Flash Turbo shorts.

lululemon free to be bra and wild lime tadasana pant

lululemon run for it crop in wild lime
Wild Lime Free to Be Bra, shown with Flash Astro pants in the top photo. Also, Flash Run For It Crop.

lululemon heathered flash define

lululemon flash define jacket

lululemon heathered flash define jacket

lululemon flash define jacket
Photos of the new Heathered Flash Define, which is in both Canada and the US. It's shown with Flash Tadasana pants in the bottom photo.

lululemon flash define jacket and silver spoon stripe tank
lululemon silver spoon pique define jacket
 In top photo, new Heathered Flash Define shown with the Silver Spoon pique Define. The bottom photo shows the Define with new Silver Spoon/Coal Tadasana pants.

lululemon stay on course pullover

lululemon silver spoon stay on course pullover

lululemon stay on course silver spoon stripe

lululemon stay on course pullover
New Stay on Course Pullover in Silver Spoon stripe. I kind of like this one.

lululemon flash cool racerback tank
Flash CRB. It kind of looks heathered in this photo. I swear there were solid Flash Cool Racerbacks in Australia. Update - An Australian lulu fan told me that only heathered Flash CRBs were available so there aren't any solid versions coming. (Thanks, Megan!)


yogibabe said...

Bwaaah haa haa haaa! Wild Lime Free to Be Bra, you will be mine!!! Upload tomorrow? I hope! :)

just_jill325 said...

the define jacket is growing on me. I may ask for one for my bday as no more shopping for me. LOL got my wonder groove crops in black and pig pink and i am thinking of keeping them both..LOL :/ bad me i know! :( yay for upload tomorrow! can't wait to see what we get!

Anonymous said...

I want to love he stay on course pullover but I just keep thinking it looks like there are teeth growing out of your chest. In love with the flash though!!!

emaysway said...

I love my stay on course pullover (I have the blue)--I'm just bummed I missed out on the other colors. I'm debating if I should grab this new one--it's starting to get warm here, but it's so nice for early morning rides...argh decisions!

As for everything else, so excited!! I think I will finally be getting a define. I love the flash and silver spoon. I'm also excited to try the tadasana pants--I know size up for define, what about the pants? Same size as most others?

Anonymous said...

loving the heathered flash crb! I think I prefer this colour heathered anyway, so Im happy that its not solid.

Cari H said...

@ Andrea C. I totally agree. I am glad the flash CRB appears to be heathered- I think I prefer it that way. Does anyone know what tanks are coming in wild lime?

yogibabe said...

@Cari H-I believe there is a Power Y in Wild Lime and CRB. Not sure of anything else, except the bras.

Anonymous said...

I love the stay on course pullover but I think they sold out on the website : (. (the store is far for me to drive). I'm going to wait patiently for them
To get more. Lol!! Do u know if they run big/small/tts???

Anonymous said...

I really dislike that pull over, I just don't get the draw string down the front.