Friday, January 27, 2012

The Latest - Tea Lounge Pullover, Wild Wunder Unders, and Transformation Wrap Photos

The Deep Indigo Ebb and Flow looks cute with the Inkblot print Wunder Unders. The Tea Lounge Pullover looks good with the striped Wunder Unders.

Tea Lounge Pullover, Transformation Wrap, and Inkblot Wunder Unders. I kind of like the Tea Lounge Pullover.

A couple more Transformation Wrap photos.

Are my eyes deceiving me or does this look like a possible Deep Indigo Swiftly and Wunder Unders? It's hard to tell from the coloring in the photo but it could be. I'm not 100% sure but I will update when I find out for sure. Update - now that I think about this, these are probably Ebb and Flow crops and not Wunder Unders. The new Ebb and Flow crops come in Deep Indigo.


Anonymous said...

what stores are this pics from? i totally want everything!

Anonymous said...

The top store is South Coast Plaza, and Irvine below that. I was at SCP when they were taking the photos an hour or so ago! They also had an inkblot headband that I picked up. I'm waiting and holding out for the Power Y and CRB and Grooves in indigo with the inkblot waistband, but the print is pretty in person!

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in the Quiet Stripe WUs, I suggest trying them on first if you can. The fabric seems really thin they and are white, which could make for quite the wardrobe malfunction.

Even the GE commented on the fact it was a shame they weren't reversible - White Stripe to Indigo would have been perfection.

Anonymous said...

Holding out for an ink lot scoop neck tank. Hoping. Or maybe a Define or Active Strength tank. But may it's too busy a pattern for those things. A headband will be tempting.

Anonymous said...

Are those WU or WU pants- deep indigo/inblot print.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:06 pm - the inkblot WUs look like WU pants. I will check to see if they come in a crop also or not. I think you could have them hemmed to crop length, though.