Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pretty Quilted Waistband

lululemon boogie short quilted waistband
I love the monochromatic black, white and gray patterns in this waistband. It has a lot of Silver Spoon in it which I think will wash me out if I wear a tank in that color but I just love the waistband. Can't wait for the same waistband to show up in some Groove pants. This is Winter Quilting 23.

Upload Tomorrow, Warehouse Sale Kind of Anounced, Photos of the Latest

lululemon pig pink striped no limit yoga tank
I read there is definitely supposed to be an upload tomorrow. I'm thinking if the pink No Limit Tank shows up I might order it. I saw a photo of a women wearing it with plum wunder unders and it looked so cute together. Another reader wrote in to say she heard Flash won't be showing up in North America until February - boo!  The Masonville store just posted a photo of the Flash Deep Breath tank so more Flash is here - yay!

lululemon flash pink deep breath tank
Brrr - I know they're Canadian and used to it but it seems mean to make them run outside in skimpy tank tops. I grew up and went to college in upstate NY but now that I've been in Southern California for 16 years my blood is thin. I reach for a Scuba hoodie when temps go below 70.

Anywhoo, look - it's the flash Deep Breath. I wonder if flash items will be in tomorrow's upload. That would be awesome.

Check it out - Slub Denim/Wild Lime Boogie shorts were sneaked (snuck?) onto the website. I hope this means more wild lime is coming soon. (Thanks to Allison for the heads up.)

lululemon ottawa warehouse sale flyer
Lulu semi "anounced" the warehouse sale by posting want ads for workers. This year it will be in Ottawa but it might as well be on the moon for me.  I wish they'd have something similar in the US or at least put an outlet in the southwest so I can get some great deals. One of the ladies on my boards posted the deals at her outlet - $10 Biker Groove shorts. So jealous!

lululemon vinyasa scarf silver spoon print

lululemon vinyasa scarf striped
The other new Vinyasa scarf in silver spoon and white stripe.

lululemon pigment blue cool racerback tank
I would think the Heathered Pigment Blue Cool Racerback will be uploaded soon. (Shown with the Will pant)

lululemon insight pant
A photo of the new Insight Pant. Shown with the Heathered Black Back on Track Pullover.

lululemon shine your heart out run vest
lululemon shine your heart out vest
lululemon shine your heart out vest

A couple more photos of the Shine Your Heart Out Vest. Has anyone seen this in their stores yet and know how much it is? I'd guess over $100. I think it will be marked down quickly but you never know. Lulumum writes in to say it's $68 but has no pockets and is all mesh. That's actually almost reasonable for a lulu vest.

lululemon blue slub scuba hoodie coal slub salt and pepper scuba hoodie
Photo of the Pigment Blue Slub and Coal Slub Salt and Pepper Scuba hoodies. The blue looks lighter than it is in person.

Photos - Heathered Pigment Power Y, Salt N Pepper Scuba

lululemon pigment blue power y yoga tank
New Power Y is here in Heathered Pigment Blue. I also read there are new Speed shorts coming in Pigment Blue and White stripe (the photo shows the silver spoon stripe version). I'll post as soon as I find a photo of them.

lululemon coal salt and pepper scuba hoodie
Another photo of the Coal Slub Salt and Pepper Scuba.

NEW! No Limit Tank Colors - Pig Pink and Silver Spoon

lululemon no limit tank pig pink striped
lululemon no limit tank in silver spoon
Two new No Limit tanks are here - a Pig Pink striped version and a Silver Spoon bold stripe version. They are both super pretty. I like the No Limit a lot - very comfortable, very cool - but I just don't seem to wear it much. The Pig Pink is very tempting, though.

lululemon pigment blue no limit tank
This is what the Pigment Blue striped No Limit looks like from the front. You can see the stripes through the white circle mesh but I don't think that's bad thing.

NEW! Deep Breath Colors - Pig, Silver Spoon, and Pigment Blue

lululemon deep breath yoga tank pig pink
lululemon deep breath yoga tank silver spoon
Two new pretty colors in the Deep Breath Tank - Pig Pink and Silver Spoon. This is in addition to the pretty new Pigment Blue stripe we saw the other day:

lululemon deep breath tank blue
The pigment blue version is gorgeous!

Today's Shopping Trip - Bargain Hunting

Today we walked at the beach and then stopped at the Fashion Island Lulu store on the way home. I got to see the new $84 Mens Reponse shorts. The description on the website is not correct, only the liner part has the lines of silver in it. Since it's such a small part of the shorts, I don't get the $20 bump in price. The Silver Luon Yoga Shorts are only a $10 bump in price over the regular version and the silver runs through the whole short.

The store still had a decent amount of markdowns in both mens and womens. I did a little 2012 Christmas shopping and bought a marked down Chili Bolt Tech shirt for my brother for next year. (My poor family, they all get lulu for Christmas.)

I also got the bandana for $9 (was $18). I'm hoping to be able to use it on hikes.

I also picked up a pair of the Savasana socks for a friend. They were marked down to $24 from $42.If you are looking for these chances are your store still has them tucked away somewhere.

I also picked up some more markdown underwear in two styles I haven't tried yet and that are now discontinued: the Lacey Lulu Hotshort and the Smooth Moves Girlshort. Both were $7.
I'm waiting for one other lulu gift card to get here before I do some real shopping. My sister ordered it just before Christmas but apparently it's coming by pony express.

Photos: Stay on Course Pullover, Back on Track Pullover, Vinyasa Scarves and More

lululemon stay on course mid layer pullover
lululemon stay on course mid layer running pullover

lululemon stay on course midlayer running pullover
Photos of the Stay On Course pullover on a bustier woman.

lululemon stay on course running pullover

lululemon stay on course running pullover

lululemon stay on course midlayer pullover in pigment blue

lululemon stay on course pullover
More Stay on Course photos. This is also body mapped in silverescent knit. No more circle mesh body mapping, it seems.

Back on Track Pullover in Heathered Pigment Blue. This top is made of running luon.
lululemon back on track jacket
lululemon back on track jacket in pig pink
Back on Track jacket in pig pink.

lululemon scoop neck tank and pants
Photo of the Pigment Blue striped Scoop Neck tank with matching Astro pants.
lululemon vinyasa scarf heathered black
New Vinyasa scarf color in Heathered Black.

lululemon body builders wearing lululemon

body builders wearing lululemon
Some muscular eye candy for the ladies - a little lulu "boxing day" fun.