Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope you find lots of lulu or lulu gift cards under your trees tomorrow. I don't think lulu will be uploading to the We Made Too Much section today but you never know. There will definitely be new items uploaded and in the stores on Monday. Merry Christmas, everyone!

NEW! "Salt and Pepper" Scuba Hoodies

lululemon scuba hoodie pigment blue

lululemon scuba hoodie gray
There are three new "salt and pepper" Scubas coming out. The top is the Deep Coal Pigment Blue Salt and Pepper (DPSP). There is also a Silver Spoon Pig Pink Slub Salt and Pepper (SSSP) and a DSSP but I don't know what that stand for. I think the second photo is the DSSP version but I'm not sure what DS stands for. I'm thinking Deep Coal something. When I find out I'll update. The pigment blue is pretty but I'd like to see a close up photo of the material. There was a Salt and Pepper Scuba earlier this year - Heathered Charcoal Heathered Heron Salt N Pepper Gray.

Photos - Back on Track Skirt

lululemon run back on track running skirt white

lululemon back on track running skirt white
The Silver Spoon Stripe Back on Track Skirt is super cute.

lululemon back on track running skirt blue

lululemon back on track running skirt pigment blue
Pigment Blue Back on Track Skirt

Photos - Back on Track Jacket

lululemon back on track running jacket coal

lululemon back on track jacket

lululemon back on track running jacket

lululemon back on track jacket

lululemon back on track running jacket coal gray

lululemon women's back on track running jacket

Photos - Back on Track Tank

lululemon women's back on track tank
lululemon back on track tank silver spoon stripe

lululemon back on track tank silver spoon rear view
lululemon back on track tank

lululemon back on track tank pigment blue
lululemon back on track tank
I'm curious to try on the new Back on Track tank but, so far, the photos are not making me feel the urge to get one right now. Maybe I'm burned out on loose-fitting tanks or just need more compelling colors or prints.

Photos - Back on Track Running Luon Mid Layer Pullover

lululemon back on track running pullover
lululemon back on track pullover for running

lululemon back on track midlayer running pullover
lululemon midlayer running pullover back on track
Some photos of the Back on Track Pullover. It's made of running luon and a midlayer. It is also coming in a silver stripe version. Hooded, asymmetrical pullovers do nothing for me so this is an easy pass.

Photos - Back on Track Long Sleeve

lululemon back on track long sleeve base layer
heathered black

lululemon back on track baselayer
lululemon back on track long sleeve base layer

lululemon back on track long sleeve base layer
pig pink

silver spoon stripe
I haven't tried the Back on Track LS running luon top on yet but from all the photos I've seen of it it looks like a winner. Flattering clean lines and a little more functional than the Turn Around LS since it has some circle mesh panels under the arms. If you missed the Turn Around, you might want to pick this one up. I am looking forward to giving this a try on. The Pig is tempting but I have a ton of rulu tops and don't really need another.

Photos - The Distance Pullover

Some photos of the Distance pullover in Pig and Pigment Blue. I am definitely interested in trying it on though I'm not sure how much I need a tech fleece top. However, my husband has been buying tech fleece from New Balance for himself for his early morning and late evening runs.

Photos - Stay on Course Brushed Luxtreme Pullover

Photos of the Stay On Course Pullover which is supposed to be in stores (and on-line, I'm sure) on the 26th. The design is very similar, if not identical, to last year's Ambition Pullover. I didn't care for how the Ambition made my chest look - too snug over the bust - and I can see it in these photos, too. From my Ambition PO review: I thought this one fit true to size but a bit snug in the shoulders, upper arms and chest, too. If you have a big chest this top won't look nearly as nice as it does on the model so size up. I know a lot of runners like this top, though, so I might be in the minority when it comes to not loving this.

New Items for December 26th - Pig Pink Stay on Course Fleece Tights

Lulu wants you to spend those Christmas gift cards right away so the stores are supposed to have a lot of new stuff. Here are some more photos of the Pig Stay on Course Fleece Tech Tights. I know Canadians often get some good Boxing Day (Dec 26th) deals but I've been disappointed the last couple of years at my local stores. There is more inventory this year than previously but I'm still not getting my hopes up for super good deals (to me, this means getting lulu for at least 50% off). There is typically a bit We Made Too Much upload on the 26th, too, so be sure to log on and check it out.

The Latest - Back on Track Tank in Pigment Stripe, Silver Spoon Stripe Back on Track LS and More

New Back on Track Tank in Pigment Blue stripe and Heathered Pigment Blue. This is one of the few striped tops I like. The photo next to it is of the Pigment Blue Stay on Course Pullover. The Stay on Course is made of brushed luxtreme.

A running luon Back on Track Pullover in Heathered Pigment.

A new Back on Track long sleeve in silver spoon stripe. This looks a lot like my white stripe Turn Around LS. There is also a BoT coming in Flash. As soon as I find a photo, I will post.

NEW! Stay on Course Thermal Tights in Solid Pig Pink - WOW!

So, runners, are you going to snap these babies up? I'm so surprised I had to make a stand alone post for these. Do you think people will think you are running in your jammies or thermal underwear? I dunno about these.

The Latest - Silver Spoon Stripe CRB, More Flash Photos, New Swiftlys and More

More goodies from Australia - a Cool Racerback tank in Silver Spoon and white stripe. (Did I post this CRB print before? I'm getting a little confused with all the stuff being released in Australia and new stuff that is coming to North America on the 26th.)

I think this might be a new run skirt in Pigment. Shown with the Pigment and white stripe Cool Racerback. (from Australia)

Love this color combo - Pigment Swiftly tank with a Flash Flow Y underneath. I would love a Flash Energy bra. (from Australia)

Flash CRB

Flash Scoop Neck
Flash Flow Y

Flash CRB, I think
More photos of tanks and bras in Flash. 

 Photo showing the bright new colors - Paris Pink, Pigment Blue, and Flash.

Flash Swiftly Racerback
The new Swiftly colors in Pig, Pigment, and Flash.

Pigment and white striped Scoop Neck - this is hitting stores in North America. The blue and white striped stuff will be part of the new items brought out on the 26th if your store hasn't already put them out.