Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photos of the Latest

lululemon run for it luxtreme crops
Run: For It Crops in Paris

lululemon will pants in black pique

lululemon will yoga pants
A couple more photos of the new Will pants. The top photo is instructive if you have more of a pear shape, like I do. If you make these again lulu, make them to a twelve please.

lululemon plum wunder under crops
Plum Wunder Unders

lululemon deep camo green wunder under crops
Deep Camo Wunder Unders

lululemon paris pink wunder unders
Paris Pink Wunder Unders

lululemon pigment blue wunder under crops
Pigment Blue Wunder Unders
The colored Wunder Unders are probably pretty picked over in the stores but here are a few more photos of them.

lululemon pigment blue define jacket
The Pigment Blue Define looks really dark in this photo.

lululemon mens kung fu jacket
Kung Fu Pant

lululemon mens pacific run pants
Pacific Run Pant - Dark Slate
My husband wore his new Work to Play pants to work today and really liked them. In fact, he liked them so much he bought an older style pair of Trek pants he had been watching on eBay. (They have a zipper in the front. He doesn't like the sweat pant-style lulu pants.) He thinks the iPhone pocket in the WtP is pretty awesome since it fits his phone in its big Otterbox case. I initially didn't think I liked the flap pockets on the back of the pant but I think it helps give the illusion of a rear if your guy is rather butt-challenged (i.e., doesn't have a hockey butt), such as the guy in the top photo.

lululemon mens reverse long sleeve running top
lululemon womens turn around long sleeve running top

I guess the mens Reverse LS and the ladies Turn Around LS aren't that similar.

lululemon black and white striped shirt
My husband thought this was a great top if you wanted to work on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

Lululemon Specialized Women's Cycling Team

Photos by Jen See at (link is below)
Reader Monica wrote to me a couple of weeks ago letting me know that Lululemon partnered  with Specialized to form a women's cycling team. Lulu designed the team uniform (or kit, as they say in the cycling world). I have to say it's not bad at all compared to the rather dull cycling stuff they design for us mere mortals. I like the pops of paris and currant at the collar. You can find more photos of the uniforms here and here and here.

Special Edition Hawaii-Only CRBs

back view
Check it out - reader Erin sent photos of two special edition extra long CRBs that are available only in Hawaii. The white has a plain front. The black has a design on both sides. They are $48. If any of you are headed to Hawaii for Christmas maybe you'll luck out and get one. Thanks, Erin!

For the Guys: Comparison of Sapphire Blue to Rugged Blue

My husband got his Sapphire Blue Response shorts today. I had bought him a pair of Rugged Blue Response shorts last week via an "angel" friend so I thought some of you might be interested to see the two blues side by side. The ones on the left are Sapphire and the right are the Rugged. Hopefully, they are different enough that he'll want to keep both.

Photos - Distance Pullovers, Back on Track LS, Back on Track Skirt

Photos of the new Distance Pullovers in Black and Pigment Blue. These are from an LA area store so I am hopeful they will be coming to LA and OC soon. I had heard the new pullovers weren't hitting stores until the day after Christmas (so we have something to spend our gift cards on) but I guess some stores are putting them out early.

Photo of the Heathered Black Back on Track LS top.

Back On Track skirt in Coal and Pig Pink. This version of the skirt reminds me a little of a fancy cupcake.

NEW!! Flash Scoop Neck, Power Y, & Swiftly Racerback

Oooh! Pencil this in on my wish list. It's a solid Flash Scoop Neck tank. It's only in Australia right now but I likey.

Swiftly racerback tanks are back. It's coming in Flash, Pigment Blue, and Black. This is one of my favorites for spin class on the hottest summer days - so light and breathable.

This photo looks more like Flush than Flash but the caption said Flash underneath. However, the product notices often use old photos so I wouldn't be surprised if this is really a photo of the older Flush Power Y.  The use of this blonde model also makes me think that since they haven't been using her as much as they used to. Whatever. There is a new Power Y coming out in Flash. I'll update if I find another photo.

Photos! Wild Lime and Flash Cool Racerbacks & Flow Ys

Click on the photos to make larger
I can't help it, I know they are a blast from the 80s past but I like these colors together. They are fun and energetic, something I like my gym clothes to be. I can't wait until they get to my local stores.

Photos - Heathered Flash and Pigment Blue Defines

Photos of a new Define in Heathered Flash. It's not in North America quite yet but I think it will be coming soon. The pigment and white striped items are starting to arrive here so I think this will be here soon. I like pinky-oranges or orangey-pinks so I'm sure I'll be buying a top or two in Flash.

I passed on Defines in Wish Blue and Bold Blue in previous years but I might be ready to commit to getting the Pigment Blue. I love this shade of blue and have a bunch of tops in this color.