Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Photo of Flash and Upcoming Items

lululemon cool racerback tanks speed shorts flash limelight run response shorts
Great photo showing the bright new color palette. I'm not sure if the tank on the left is Heathered Tree Frog or Wild Lime but I'm thinking Tree Frog. The bright one is definitely Flash. The man has on Limelight and Sapphire.

lululemon tanks
I initially thought the tank in the center must be Flash but after seeing the above photo I am not so sure. I think it might be but in dimmer light. It's shown with the new Silver Spoon Stripe Speed shorts.

lululemon pigment blue scoop neck tank
Photos of the Pigment and White striped Scoop Neck.

Photos: Heathered Pigment CRB, Pig Back on Track SS Tech, New Prints?, and More

lululemon heathered pigment blue cool racer back yoga tank
Heathered Pigment Blue CRBs are starting to arrive in the stores. I know it comes in an extra long version but I'm not sure if it also comes in a regular version.

lululemon pigment blue cool racerback yoga tank
From Australia - the Pigment Blue Define Jacket (love!) and a Heathered Pig Pink Back on Track SS Tech shirt.

lululemon astro yoga pants
The came in one of my Australian Product Notice emails and the link wasn't working but I think it might be a new print. The text called it silver spoon stripe but it looks too blotchy for that pattern. I'll update if I find a better photo. This one is fuzzy from being enlarged too much.

lululemon charcoal and lilac no limit yoga tank
Another item from Australia - a new No Limit in Lilac and Heathered Cross Dye Charcoal. Not sure if that is a print or a new version of space dye. As soon as I find a better photo of "cross dye" I will post.

lululemon pig pink swiftly tech short sleeve athletic shirt

lululemon blue swiftly ss tech shirt

lululemon blue swiftly tech shirt
New Swiftly tops are out in Pig Pink and Pigment Blue.

lululemon running stay on course jacket blue
There is a new Pigment Blue Stay On Course Jacket.

lululemon cool racerback yoga tank in wild lime
Web model photo of the new Wild Lime Cool Racerback. I'll need to see this in person to decide if I want it.

lululemon wunder under skinny wee stripe yoga pants
lululemon wunder under yoga pants skinny stripe
 Another photo of the new skinny wee stripe Wunder Unders.It's an interesting pairing with the Tinted Canvas No Limit tank. I always wonder how to pair the light colored bottoms.

lululemon will yoga pant in black
Will Pant in black luon

lululemon stay on course yoga tank in pink

lululemon stay on course yoga running tank in paris pink
A couple of photos of the Paris Pink Stay On Course Tank

lululemon mens reverse longsleeve running top
Photo of the mini check side of the men's Reverse long sleeve. I saw these in the store today. They look very similar to the ladies.

Today's Shopping Trip

lululemon flash pink no limit yoga tank
I went to the store today to pick up my husband's hemmed pants and got to see the new No Limit Tank with Flash in it. The color reminded me a little of Razzmatazz:

Razzmatazz Seamless Tee
Anyway, it's an bright energetic color so I am looking forward to seeing the other tanks it comes in.

lululemon will yoga pant in black pique
I also got to try on the new Will pants in the black pique. They only go to a ten which is the wrong size for me but I liked them. I liked the higher rise but I didn't care for the pockets on the thighs. I hope they come out with a subsequent version without the pockets that goes to a twelve.

lululemon Power y yoga tank in tinted canvas print
Oh yes, I got to try on the Tinted Canvas Power Y which I liked a lot. However, the one in my size had the lulu symbol right on the nipple so it was a no go for me. They didn't have another in my size. I might visit another lulu store tomorrow or just save getting this until after Christmas.