Friday, December 16, 2011

Photos - Paris Stride, Paris Chai Time, Paris Run Your Heart Out and More

lululemon paris pink stride jacket
lululemon paris microstripe stride jacket

lululemon paris microstripe stride jacket cuffs

lululemon paris microstripe stride jacket
The Paris White microstripe Stride has arrived in stores.

lululemon paris microstripe power y tank

lululemon paris microstripe power y with wunder under crops
Paris White microstripe Power Y? (shown with Paris Wunder Unders)

lululemon chai time pullover sweater

lululemon paris pink chai time pullover sweater

lululemon chai time pullover with dressage pants
The Paris Chai Time pullover has arrived in stores.

lululemon paris run for your life pullover
The Paris Run: Your Heart Out is arriving in US Stores.

lululemon run your heart out tank and run for it crops
One of the reasons I passed on the Tinted Canvas Run: Your Heart Out tank was that the pieces used in the bust were too disjointed. The one I tried on also had a dark portion in between the boobs. I thought it looked kind of odd. (Shown with the Run: For It Crops)

Wunder Under Photos

lululemon wunder under crops
Plum, Paris, and Deep Camo Wunder Unders
lululemon deep camo wunder under crops
Wunder Unders in Deep Camo
lululemon pigment blue wunder under pants

lululemon paris wunder under crops

lululemon tinted canvas print cool racerback tank plum wunder under crops
Love how this looks together
Some stores got Wunder Unders in Deep Camo. I know some of you wanted more natural colors in the WUs so I'm glad Deep Camo showed up.

Photos - Stay on Course Tank

lululemon stay on course tank

lululemon stay on course tank black microstripe
lululemon stay on course tank
lululemon stay on course tank glacier lace print
A few more photos of the Stay On Course Tank. I wore mine to spin today. I really liked it. I wore it with my Donna Karan sports bra and the tank covered it fine. It's a tank you just put on and forget about, like a CRB. I didn't have to adjust any straps, tug anything into place, or worry about showing too much cleavage. I wore it with luxtreme crops so it rode up a little bit but since it's on the longer side (compared to a Push UR Limits, for example) it didn't stray too high. If it comes out in some other cool colors or prints I'd definitely consider getting another one.

lululemon donna karan sports bra
Donna Karan

Photos of the Will Pant

lululemon will pant and paris pink scuba hoodie

lululemon will pants

lululemon will pants

lululemon will pant

lululemon will pant slub denim

lululemon will pant
More photos of the new Will pant.

Hell Has Frozen Over - My Husband Just Bought His First Lulu in a Store

lululemon work to play pant

lululemon men's work to play pant
lululemon men's work to play pant waistband

lululemon work to play pant iphone pocket
I'm still in a little shock. My husband bought his first full-priced piece of lulu in a store today. He has a decent amount of lulu but when he buys it for himself he buys it from eBay, often second-hand. He just isn't (or wasn't) into spending a lot on his clothes. (He'd much rather buy himself a new GPS with his discretionary money. I think he's bought himself well over 30 - between handheld units, golf GPSs, car GPSs, and running GPSs - in the years we've been married. I've lost count, but it's a lot.) However, today he opened up the wallet to buy himself a pair of Work to Play Pant IIs. He had been thinking of getting himself some lulu pants but he didn't want pants that feel like pajamas (he uses luon yoga shorts as pjs a lot) or super casual sweat pants. He's the kind of guy who spends 90% of his time in Dockers (I know, such a Dad) when he's not wearing shorts, so when he spotted the Work to Play Pants hanging on the rack they really resonated with him. He had been thinking of getting pants he could wear to work (he works in tech so he can be fairly casual) or wear for golf or a hike. A very nice educator named John at the Irvine store helped him out and happened to be wearing the same pants in the same size. He gave him some good insight into fit and function of the pants. John said he actually taught fitness courses in the pants and that a lot of men wear them for golf.

The fabric they are made out of is interesting. It's Ascent. It's two way stretch and quite a bit thicker than the Swift used in the women's Studio Pants. It felt like it would be very durable. My husband also liked that the waistband fastened with a button rather than a snap since snaps tend to pop open (so he tells me). The pants also have a cool iPhone pocket in one of the front pockets. The crotch also has some venting. The cut is much slimmer than Dockers through the leg, rear, and waist but I've been telling him to get some narrower cut pants for a while now. I really liked how they looked on him. They are at the store being hemmed but I will definitely update you on how he likes them and how they perform. They seem to be selling well on the website and get good reviews so far. (As far as the fit, the waist runs snug and there is no elastic so don't lie to yourself as to what your true waist size is.)

  • made with tough and tumble Ascent fabric
  • two hip pockets and two rear pockets for your cards and keys
  • tunes pocket on left hip for easy access
  • roll up the right pant leg for reflective detail while cycling
  • discreet mesh venting along the inseam for your own A/C
  • $118