Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photos from Australia

I did a search of the blog and my photo files but I don't think I've mentioned a Hot N Sweaty Bra in the White Coal Tinted Canvas Print before. It's shown with a matching pair of Boogie Shorts. This photo is from Australia so I'm not sure if these pieces are in North America yet.

lululemon paris pink boogie shorts
Heathered Coal Paris Pink/White Micro Stripe Boogie Shorts shown with the Heathered Smokey Rose Cool Racerback tank.

lululemon persian purple power y tank
This Power Y tank went straight to the We Made Too Much section in North America but it's the Persian Purple Soft Mini Check.

lululemon pigment blue and white cool racerback tank
Pigment Blue and White Stripe Cool Racerback (currently only in Australia)

Photo - Black Slub Denim Define

lululemon black slub denim define jacket
I didn't think you could really see the texture in the Black Slub Denim Define from a distance but you can, darn it. This is going on my If I Get a Lulu Gift Card for Xmas, I'm Getting This list.

Paris Pink Wunder Unders in the US

OK Paris Pinkaholics, the Paris Wunder Unders have arrived in the US.

lululemon pigment blue wunder under pants
These are new reversible Wunder Unders in Pigement Blue and Black. For those of you who have them, do you like two-color reversible bottoms? I've tried on reversible grooves in Dahlia/Black (I think it was Dahlia, it was definitely a dark purple). They had an odd spongy feel to them. (Thanks to Wendy for the photo.)

Photo - Paris Pink Chai Time (Updated)

lululemon chai time sweater in paris pink
lululemon chai time sweater
I don't know why lulu didn't post a photo of the reverse side of the Heathered Paris Chai Time Pullover. It's much prettier than the image they used on the web. Thanks to a reader we now know what it looks like. (Thanks, Quincey!)

lululemon chai time sweater in white
lululemon white chai time sweater
 The solid white side is equally nice. Hey lulu, people want to see both sides of a reversible $128 sweater.

White Coal Tinted Canvas Super Print Scuba is Here - LOVE!!

lululemon Scuba hoodie in Tinted Canvas print
My White Coal Tinted Canvas Super print Scuba came today and I am in love. I was hoping to be underwhelmed so I could save $128 but I really, really like it. Like others have mentioned, it's as soft and pliable as the Snowy Owl Scuba. I hadn't expected that since the Black Swan Creekside Camo Scuba was as stiff as a regular Scuba. I figured the softness of the Snowy Owl was a fluke. However, we are in luck and lulu has put out another soft, cozy Scuba. If all Scubas came this soft, I'd have a much larger Scuba collection.

The Scuba I received was a lot darker than I had anticipated given how light it is on the lulu website and in the few stores photos I've found. I think mine might have more dark patches than either of those, though.

lululemon Scuba hoodie
lululemon Scuba hoodie
I like that it's a bold pattern but in sedate colors. It definitely has an urban camouflage vibe about it. In fact, when I asked my son which Scuba he liked better, my Snowy Owl or the Tinted Canvas, the first words out of his mouth were camouflage. (Note to self, never ask a twelve year old boy about my clothes again.)  When you are up close, though, the patches have floral look to them.

close up of floral print
All in all, I am glad I ordered this Scuba. I only wish it had the same neat looking metal pull that the Snowy Owl came with. I think it fits true to size. I am trying to decide whether I should keep or sell the Snowy Owl Scuba

Cute Lulu Water Bottle

lululemon one liter aluminum Sigg water bottle
The cute saying on this water bottle suckered my sister into getting one.  I gave her a hard because she paid $25 for it which is kind of pricey.  I checked on Amazon and you can find 1 liter Sigg bottles for about $10 less, although it won't have a cute lulu symbol as the cap.  I'm not a fan of metal bottles in general. Not only do they get dented but you have to hand wash them. You also have to unscrew the top and tip your head back to drink which I find awkward when I'm on the elliptical or spin bike. They are leak proof, though.

My favorite water bottles for the gym are the Camelback Better Bottle

camelbak better bottle water bottle
They have a flip up straw do you don't have to tip your head back. The wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes to your water. The best part is that you can put them in the dishwasher. I've had some for four years now and they are still going strong. The only issue is that they are not leak proof so I have to make sure I keep them upright in the water bottle pocket in my gym bag. We have a few different styles of this bottle - the filtered one, a stainless steel one, and a stainless insulated one. I hardly ever use the two stainless ones since I find the hand washing a major deterrent. The insulated one works very well but the volume inside the bottle is greatly diminished. I find the 750 ml the perfect size to get me through a one hour spin class.