Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Tinted Canvas Print Cool Racerback Has Arrived in North America

Whohoo! The White Coal Tinted Canvas Super print CRB has hit Canada. I hope the Power Y is hot on it's heels.

NEW! Heathered Blurred Gray and White Striped Scuba

New Scuba in the Heathered Blurred Gray and White Bold Stripe. I'm not sure whether I like this better than the black version.

NEW! Silver Spoon and White Striped Cabin LS

New Cabin LS tee in Silver Spoon and White Stripes. I like this much better than the Black Macro/Micro stripe.

Lulu in the (Aussie) Summer (Updated)

Get me this outfit, my flip flops and a pina colada and I'm ready for summer. Love the Pigment Blue and White striped CRB with white shorts but I'll be more in the right frame of mind for it in about four months.

Update - I found out what the shorts are. They are new Run: Turn Around shorts and they come in Persian Purple, White, & Black.

NEW! Dressage Pant

lululemon dressage pant zipper ruffle

lululemon dressage pant black gray ruffle
I totally forgot to post these yesterday. They are the new Dressage pants. I probably forgot to post them since I found the two-tone ones so ugly, especially in the above photos. However, the girl modeling them here looks pretty good in them. I suspect she looks good in everything, though.

lululemon dressage pant ruffle zipper

lululemon dressage pant ruffle zipper

lululemon dressage pant ruffle zipper black
Photos of the new lululemon Dressage pant showing the ruffles and zipper details.

Lulu Statement About Future Uploads

Posted on Lululemon's Facebook Page this morning:

We are changing things up for our product uploads, and won't necessarily be updating the site on our traditional Thursday mornings. Being signed up for the product notification emails, plus keeping your eye on our Facebook page is the best way to stay in the loop for new products online.

As always, I will post here, on Facebook, and Twitter as soon as I see a new upload.

Chai Time Pullover Photo