Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Playing With A New Look

I'm playing with a new look for the blog. Please excuse weird, random changes. If you absolutely hate anything let me know.

Expect More Random Uploads to the Website Between Now and Christmas

Posted on the Lululemon Facebook page:
We're mixing it up for holiday so our uploads are popping up all over the place. We can expect to see new product hit online this Thursday but I'm not too sure what the following weeks may hold. Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page as we'll always post here when we see new stretchy gear come up!

It makes sense they'd be wanting to put as much on the website as they can in the next week or so. December is starting to tick down and there are still new items in the stores that haven't been uploaded to the website (e.g., the Pure Balance Jacket). I will post on here, Facebook, and Twitter when I notice new things so you can get the jump on everyone else.

Photos of the Latest

Photo of the new Deep Coal Mini Check Turn Around LS. My store just got this color in. I'm going to have to give it a try. I wouldn't mind another Turn Around in a non-black neutral.

New Black White Microstripe Live Simply Jacket is arriving in stores. This one is cute.

New Rehearsal tank in the Tinted Canvas print.

There are two new Cuddle Up jackets in Heathered White and Heathered Black. The black version has sparkles in it. I don't know about the white. (click on the last photo to enlarge)

 Coal Pure Balance Jacket

Spelling Error in the New Manifesto Shirts

The latest Paris Pink and Persian Purple Manifesto shirts have a spelling error. They say "Do One Thing a Day that Sacres You." People have spotted them in stores on the markdown racks for $59. I'm puzzled as to why these didn't go straight to the outlet. (Thanks to Anna for the photo.)

Aussie Heads Up - Pigment Blue Striped CRB

New Pigment Blue and White striped Cool Racerback. I loved striped patterns like this for summer. It's out of season for us now but perfect for Australia. I wonder when we will see this in North America.

Photos of the Latest

The first real people photos I've found of the Black Macro Micro Stride Jacket.

In addition to the Paris Pink, the Pure Balance Jacket also comes in Coal and Black (top photo).

More Cozy Coat photos. This wasn't uploaded this morning. I wonder if there will be another upload on Thursday.

 Love this Define - love! (White/Glacier Lace)

These must be hitting stores slowly. This is only the second photo I have seen of the Paris/Blurred Gray Run Your Heart Out tank.

Photos - Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

The first photos I've spotted of the new Heathered Blurred Gray Run: For Your Life Pullover.

After studying quite a few photos of this top, it really emphasizes the bust. It's a good thing if you are not so busty, but not such a good thing if you're really endowed.

Photos - Stay on Course Crop

Embossed Glacer Lace print
zipper open

zipper closed

A few more photos of the Stay on Course crop. The top photo is the Embossed Glacier lace print version.

Photos - Stay on Course Jacket

A few more photos of the new Stay On Course jacket. I didn't realize the back vent was really a mesh window.

Photos - Scuba Fur Hood

The more photos I see of the Scuba with the fur hood ($148) the more I like it. The last photo shows how you can zip the fur off for laundering.

Upload Overview - Lots of Surprises Today

Some totally new, never-seen-before items were uploaded today. This is the Back on Track SS Tech shirt in Heathered Black. It looks cute but at $68 I'd have to really love the color to get it. Black and Coal are not going to get me reaching for my wallet. I like the Silverescent material a lot, it performs great -  lightweight, breathable, and wicking. It also has a bit of sheen to it so it's more "dressy" than the Swiftly tees. However, the material does darken significantly when wet so that is a consideration.

Two new Turn Around LS tops were uploaded - the Paris Pink and this new color in Deep Coal. It's been chilly here so I have been wearing my TAs a lot. Except for the initial single pull I have put in each I haven't snagged them anymore. I really love this top.

We've seen photos of the new White Run: Your Heart Out Pullover but this is a new color in Heathered Blurred Gray. I definitely like the solid colored versions better in this top. I still think it has too many things going on, though.

I didn't notice this until later but there was a new Define uploaded in Black Slub Denim. I really like this. I don't know if I "need" it but it's cute. I hope this shows up at my store so I can try it on.

I did order myself the Tinted Canvas Scuba. I'm not sure if I'll love it enough to keep it but I want to give it a try. SoCal seems to get a smattering of Scuba colors and sizes so I wasn't sure whether this would come to my local store.

Did you all notice the Arctic Run Headband? I wouldn't mind getting this but it's a stretch for my climate and at $28 it's very close to the price of a lot of tanks I could buy on markdown right now. I'm sure it will sell out quickly on line.

The new Macro Micro Cabin Long sleeve top is tempting but for the price I'd rather get a technical top that I have the option of sweating in. The micro stripes also look lighter than they do in the CRB and I prefer the darker look. It reverses to black.

It looks like the new silver and white striped pattern is called Bold Silver Spoon stripe. I look forward to seeing tanks in this pattern.

The Stay on Course crops were uploaded in an embossed version. This is the first time I can remember an embossed pattern being laid on the luxtreme material. Very interesting. I wonder if there are embossed luxtreme tanks coming in the future.

Three new colors were upload in the tech fleece Run For It Pullover - Paris Pink (sold out quickly!), White, and Deep Coal. I know a lot of cold weather runners have been loving this top.

A very pretty white paris micro stripe Stride Jacket was uploaded. The new Paris Pure Balance jacket was not, however.

I have read comments that the new chillstop material in the Stay On Course Jacket feels like a heavy luon, almost neoprene-like but is not stiff.

I am reading reports that people's orders for the Paris Turn Around LS and Run For It Pullover are getting canceled due to heavy demand/out of stock situations. I am also reading the GEC computers are again having issues keeping up with the stock situation in real time. The website is hosed up today where some of the new stuff only shows up in the "What's New" section but not under the correct individual section. For example, the new Inspire crop colors only show up under What's New but not under Crops. I've been complaining about the website ever since it went live two plus years ago and am very tired of pointing out the issues. Customers shouldn't be your tiger team, lulu. It's obvious that the website continues to be at the bottom of lululemon's priority list. I think it's very short-sited of them to dismiss such a low overhead sales channel and continue to be baffled by their lack of action. My only conclusion is that they don't pay a competitive salary for IT help and cannot attract the right kind of talent to bring their website equal to that of their competitors.