Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photos - Paris Pink Turn Around Longsleeve

Photos of the new Paris Pink Turn Around long sleeve in Paris Pink. I already have two of these shirts so I don't need a third. It's also a bit bright for me but I know a lot of ladies are very excited about this.

NEW! Back on Track Skirt in Paris Pink

The new Back on Track skirt has also come out in Paris Pink. It's super cute! (This skirt is also out in black.)

NEW! White Run: Your Heart Out Pullover

The Run: Your Heart Out Pullover has also come out in white. This pullover looks so much better in solid colors. The top photo shows it paired with the new Back on Track Skirt in Paris Pink.

NEW! The Pure Balance Jacket is Back - in Paris Pink!!!

New Paris Pink Pure Balance jacket. The new Paris Turn Around LS is also pictured.
Spotted in Canada - the Pure Balance jacket is back - yay!, this time in Paris Pink (not so yay). (Thank to Katherine for the second pic.) The Pure Balance was my favorite new jacket design from last year so I am glad to see it back. I'm not sure about buying this jacket in super bright Paris Pink. I bought one last year in Black and was half hoping to see a Wren version this year. Reports are that there might be a black one out, too, in addition to the Paris. Also, I'm reading the price this year is $118. I paid $128 for mine for mine last year.