Friday, November 18, 2011

B&W Microstripe CRB, Run For Your Life, Coordinating Make Davie Run Crazy and More

New Black and White Microstripe CRB. The website model photo shows a dark seam up the side but I think that is stitching and not bonding. Shown with a Heathered Paris Pink Flow Y underneath. The Malibu Showroom got the Paris Pink stuff in so it's starting to arrive in LA - yay!

Run: Your Heart Out Tank and Tights
Run: Your Heart Out Tights Ankle Detail

Based on how the pleats are falling and how the tank fits at the hips I'd recommend going a size up but she may have chosen it to fit snugger at the bust for more support.
More Run: Your Heart Out Tank photos. The tank has finally arrived at my local store but I don't think I will have a chance to visit this weekend. The black hides the bust seams the best. Anyone have a chance to try it on yet?  The more photos I see the more I think I can live without this and save my dollars for Paris Pink things.

Close up of the Make Davie Run Crazy Print
Some ideas as to what to pair with the Currant/Make Dave Run Crazy Print. These photos happen to use the Speed Shorts.The top photo is the new Bonded CRB in Pigment Blue/Black. I thought that was an interesting pairing. I think you'd have to see them together up close to see how well they coordinate. The second photo has a Heathered Smokey Rose CRB. I like that combo, from a distance anyway. The bottom is a reliable black Run: For It Pullover. I love how the bag plays off the shorts in the pic.

A few more photos of the new Cuddle Up pants. 

A nice close up of the Glacier Lace black and white print panel. Lulu traditionally comes out with a black and white print for the holiday season. Last year it was Black Roses. Ikat came out soon after. The year before that it was Lithograph Iris. I am curious to see the Glacier Lace print on a tank.

A couple more photos of the Purple Ombre Stripe Scuba. The side by side of the Purple and Pink Striped Scubas is interesting.

I haven't really loved how bright the Heathered Paris Pink Define has looked in photos but I like it in this photo. Maybe it's better in smaller doses. I think I'd like a CRB in this color.

I've been looking for a photo that truly captures the color of the Heathered Currant Power Y. It definitely looks oranger than solid Currant but it comes up too orange in a lot of photos. I think this photo is the most realistic of how this color looks in real life.

Another photo of the new Run: For It Fleece Tights. This is the Paris Pink version.