Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photos - Currant Active Strength

Dang, the Currant Active Strength looks so pretty here. Why didn't I like this tank again? I think I am going to have to give it another try. Even though I took back my Currant Scoop Neck, I really want a Currant tank. (This is from an Australian store, they aren't in North America yet)

Rulu Issue?

A photo of a Persian Purple Mini Stripe Power Y made out of the same running luon material as the Turn Around LS was posted on one of my lulu FB groups. This Power Y was purchased at an outlet. If you follow my Twitter feed you'll know that I put a pull in both Turn Around LSs that I recently purchased (white/gray and Persian Purple). Granted I wasn't just sitting around when I was wearing them. One I grocery shopped in (got a pull on the tummy area) and the other I wore to a soccer game where I carried a bunch of things over my shoulder (got a pull on the arm). Both pulls were made on the striped side of the top. I have since worn the white/gray the check side out and didn't get any pulls. I think the striped side is more loopy and apt to catch on stuff. I am a bit bummed because I really like the Turn Arounds. I'll just have to treat them like I do my Swiftly tops - very gently. The fact that this Power Y went straight to an outlet makes me think there might be an with the material. Anyone hear of any recalls?

NEW! Bonded CRB, Limelight Photos, Glacier Lace Print and More

Limelight is brighter than it looked in the first photos I posted. It definitely looks a lot like Faded Zap. Shown with the Paris Pink Swiftly (the bottom photo is from an Australian store).

The new "Bonded" CRBs. I am not a fan of the stripes down the side. Also, get this, the bonding is gonna cost you. A reader reports the price of this CRB is $48! Not sure why lulu is obsessed with bonding seams. I can live without it, particularly if it doesn't meaningfully enhance the product. In this case it takes away from the beautiful simplicity of the CRB design. Oh yes, Pigment Blue looks a lot like Wish Blue in this photo.

New Men's Half Zip Silverscent top in the "camo" pattern.

The Stripes don't line up as nicely on this Scuba as the one in the previous photo.

I believe the black and white web pattern on the right side of these Boogie shorts might be called Glacier Lace. There was a PN with a pair of bottoms with a color code for embossed glacier lace.

A better photo of the new Run: For It Fleece tights.

A few more photos of the Run: Your Heart Out tank.

A pair of Astros showing a couple of patterns Paris Pink will be coming in. It looks like there is a heathered version and a microstripe/wee stripe version.

Purple Striped Scuba Is Hitting the Stores

Ooh, how cute is this? I think I like the Purple Ombre Striped Scuba better than the pink one. The stripes look like they line up better than in the pink. This is from a Canadian store. I hope lulu isn't hosing us by sending the purple to Canada and we get the pink.

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to a couple of my local stores looking for the new Run: Your Heart Out tank but neither had it yet. I did get to try on a few things, though:

I really liked the pink ombre stripes Scuba. It's such an upbeat color scheme. The colors are not super bright, kind of pre-washed looking, but I liked the effect. It seems to "mature" the Scuba a bit.

I tried on the furry Cuddle Up and I was really surprised by how less substantial feeling it is compared to the Scuba. It felt quite a bit lighter weight but when I pinched the fabric between my fingers it felt the same weight as the Scuba. I don't recall noticing such a big difference between the two jackets before. I think a major difference is that Scubas have a double layer of cotton fleece in front where the lulu symbol makes the pockets. This is why the Scubas feel so stiff but also why they feel so warm and wind proof. The lack of a big hood on the back of the Cuddle Up also makes it feel much lighter. All in all, it felt like it would provide much less warmth than the Scuba although it was more pliable since it's a single layer. The sizing is exactly the same as the Scuba, maybe a tad roomier. I didn't like that the pockets were inset and not made of cotton fleece but some other flimsy material. One of my favorite things about the Scuba is that the pockets are so warm. It's just not the same in the Cuddle Up. I expected a Scuba without a hood but it seemed much less than that for more money. I also thought the dark colored sherpa looked really bad and cheap, frankly. I don't know why but it seems clumpier looking than the sherpa on my Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover. I can't imagine it gets better looking with washing. Lulu needs to sell a little Sherpa comb to fluff it up.

Here are a couple of photos of the sherpa fleece from the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullovers. This is much better looking. Not sure why the two jackets have such different looking Sherpa.

I tried on the Run: For It Pullover. I really liked the tech fleece material - very soft and pliable. Much softer feeling than a similar New Balance running fleece pullover my husband just bought. It didn't feel overly warm, though. I seem to remember feeling immediately warmer when I tried on the Spirit Pullover. I don't particularly love the asymmetrical neckline. I know that doesn't bother a lot of people but I don't care for it. The biggest pet peeve I have about this design is the weird shoulder panel design.  I really hate feeling a seam a few inches down my arm - it makes me feel like my bra strap is slipping. I'm sure if you layer this top you won't even notice it, but it bugged me. I would love if lulu came out with something like the Full Tilt pullover in the Tech Fleece material. No hood, just a tall neck and a zipper down the center. (FYI - Irvine had the black, currant, and persian versions of this pullover).I though this ran a roomy TTS.

I tried on the Run: Your Heart Out Pullover. It seemed very roomy at the shoulders and quite long. I dislike the ruffles, pleating and ribbed panels at the shoulders. Entirely too much is going on in this top. The sizing was the same as the Full Tilt PO.

New Recognition Pant
"Vintage" Yoga Pants

I deliberately wore my "vintage" Yoga pants today so that I could compare them to the new Recognition pant. The Yoga pant have ties at the waist, too. The Recognition pants fit so much better than the It's a Cinch crop - not at all loose at the waist/crotch. The fit was kind of similar to the Yoga pant, however the material in the solid black ones I tried on was very polyestery/slippery feeling. Not at all the "brushed cotton" feel that I like in my luon pants. Every now and then I run into these weird batches of luon used to make various styles of pants. I know lulu denies they have different luons but that's a fairly tale, just like when the educators or GEC pretend they don't know what is coming. My fingers and skin can tell there is a difference in luon. I'm bummed because I wanted to like these pants but tactile feel of the luon is very important to me. If I wanted polyestery feeling workout wear I'd buy Nike or Lucy. I pay the big bucks because I like how lululemon fabrics feel against my skin.

I saw the DTDB bag. It's so adorable. The opening is kind of small though. This is definitely a purse unless the only thing you carry to the gym is your ipod and makeup bag.

I tried on the Hang Loose pant to see if I liked the feel of running luon bottoms. They were super soft. So soft they seemed to say to me, "Take a Nap", rather than, "Get to the gym." I'm pretty sure I would love a pair of Still pants made from running luon.

I tried on the new Run: Your Heart Out Crop. I'm not in the market for new luxtreme crops but these seemed decent. There was nothing about them I thought objectionable. The luxtreme felt thick, as has been the trend with the running crops lately.

I ended up buying a new dance headband with one band of the elevation space dye print and the other currant red. Both stores were expecting big shipments this afternoon so I expect the stuff I was looking for to be available soon.

NEW! Paris Pink Pace Setter Skirt

Ooh, this is going to sell FAST! It's the Pace Setter Skirt in Paris Pink (thanks to Ms. A. for spotting this). It's shown with the new bonded seam CRB - boo to glue!

NEW! Run: Your Heart Out Pullover is Coming in Currant

From a new Product Notice email, the Run: Your Heart Out Pullover is coming in Currant Red. I am surprised these are $108. Totally not worth the price increase.

Today's Upload

Not a ton of goodies today given all the yummy photos of items that have been hitting the stores. However, I have read a rumor from multiple sources that there will also be an upload on Tuesday because next Thursday is (the American) Thanksgiving holiday. I am hoping to squeeze in a visit to the store today. I didn't order anything although I see the Run: Your Heart Out Tanks were uploaded. I found a photo of the black version:

This is a tank that will need a try on before buying. Anywhoo, what did you all order today?