Monday, November 7, 2011

Product Notice Information: Rehearsal Crop

I actually think the Rehearsal Crops are not a bad looking crop. Here is the information from the Product Notice email:

  • This tight will dance and stretch with you as you prep for your big show!
  • Our signature 4-way stretch, cotton-feel luon® fabric fabric is breathable - ultimate stretch & comfort allows for freedom of movement
  • Mid-rise, smooth, soft waistband
  • Gusset for greater range of movement
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when washed
  • Heathered Black (shown), Black
  • 2-10

New! Energy Bra in Persian Purple

Shown with Inspire Crops
With everything else that came out today I forgot to post this. It's an Energy bra in Persian Purple. The Energy is my favorite lulu pullover bra. I have one in Grapeseed but if you missed that color, the Persian is probably pretty close.

NEW! Hot N Sweaty Bra

New Hot N Sweaty Bra. I actually like the looks of this bra. I find cross back bras to be the most comfortable and supportive of my pullover-style bras. The straps look a bit thin and the front portion a bit shallow for me but I think it would be a good bra for not-so-busty women. It's coming in Coal and Black, sizes 2-10.

Product Details:

  • Moderate coverage and light support, this bra will let you breathe deeply even in the hottest room
  • 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric with inherent wicking & high LYCRA® fibre content for maximum support
  • Open front and back allows for maximum breathability
  • Adjustable straps to customize fit
  • Mesh inner support comes with removable cups
  • Flat seamed for comfort
  • Preshrunk

Tomorrow's Upload??

So, if the rumors are true and there is an upload tomorrow, and, if, by some miracle, the Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullovers are restocked, then I might order the black one and claim it as my Christmas present in advance. I like my Ghost DHBH pullover so much that I'd order another one. It's been chilly here lately so I was able to wear this twice over the weekend and had to wash it last night. I have this Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo that I like to use between shampoos. It's colored and came off on my Ghost DHBH when I put it on. It came out with the wash but I totally forgot about trying to be careful when I was putting on the pullover.

I don't know whether I'd order the Turn Around LS tops or wait for them to show up at my local store but I think I would like one of these tops. I might talk myself out of it seeing as I bought two very similar tops - the Full Tilt Pullover and a pique Define jacket - but we'll see.

I'm sure the Hang Loose pants will make awesomely comfy lounge pants but I can't spend $108 on something like that when there are so many other goodies being released this month.

Only the Canadian side of the website got the Apres Pullover so hopefully the US will get it this week. I prefer the DHBH but I know many people like the more figure-skimming Apres.

I know lots of people have the Run: For It Fleece Pullover on their wish lists. It's just hitting stores in the US so I don't know if it will show up tomorrow.

Not sure if people are loving the off-white Gratitude Wrap or not. I think there have been so many other goodies released that people are having to take a hard look at their true wants and needs.
There is quite a bit of buzz about the new Off The Mat jacket even at $178. I don't know if it's too new to be uploaded, I almost suspect that's the case with items that I've posted today, but I think it will show up on the website at some point.

What are you hoping for?

Two More Off the Mat Jacket Photos

Photo: Plum Run:Turn Around Long Sleeve

If I get a Run: Turn Around LS I think I might either get the plum or the persian purple. The black is too similar to my new Define. The plum is edged in Black Swan at the cuffs and neck.

The above photos make the color look a little dull. Reader Angela took a few photos of her new Plum Turn Around:

One side is striped and the other side is checked. The color code is spmi, which might stand for Swan Plum Mini Check/Stripe.

Photos: Make Davie Crazy Print, Run: Turn Around LS, Apres Pullover

A good close up photo showing details of the Make Davie Run Crazy print. The Pace Setter Skirt paired with a Short Sleeve Swiftly tee.

Shown with Inspire Crops
Shown with Hang Loose Running Luon pants
New Run: Turn Around Longsleeve tops in Persian Purple stripe and White/Gray Stripe. The tags said this is made of running luon but reports are that it feels very similar to pique. I am hoping to try this on tomorrow when I visit my local stores. I think this might be a top I "need" to add to my wardrobe.

Probably the cutest photos I've seen yet of the fleece Apres Pullover in Black Swan. I read rumors that this top is also coming in Persian Purple.

Photos: New Heathered Smokey Rose Scoop Neck and Rehearsal Crops

A new Scoop Neck Tank in Heathered Smokey Rose paired with the new Rehearsal Crops in Heathered Black. I love Heathered Smokey Rose. I think this might be a color I collect a few tanks in. I hope there is a Power Y coming in this.

Photo: Run: For It Pullover in Currant

A photo of the new tech fleece Run: For It Pullover. This is the Currant. It looks orange-ish here but I've seen other photos where it looks like a true red. The price is $118.

Another Photo of the Heathered White Gratitude Wrap

A photo taken in outdoor light of the new Heathered White Gratitude Wrap.

Photo of the New No Limit Tank

Here is a photo of one of the new No Limit tanks. I believe this is the Charcoal/WPIN. As soon as I get more photos of the others I'll update.

NEW! Hang Loose Running Luon Pant

Shown with the Turn Around LS in White/ Gray Stripe/Check
New Hang Loose Pant made of running luon. These are the running luon casual pants everyone has been waiting for. Lulu, what are you doing to me? I am out of money for all these goodies. Why couldn't you space all these great things out a bit more?

Hang Loose Pant Product Details:

-Boyfriend Fit Pant
-Made of super soft Running Luon
-inherent quick-wicking performance
-front zip pocket

I'll update with a price. The price is $108. That's probably because it's made of running luon but seeing as I'd get these pants only for lounge purposes and maybe to layer under ski pants, that is way too much.

Photos: Turn Around LS, Rehearsal LS, Heathered White GW, and More

Persian Purple striped Run: Turn Around LS and new Plum Pique Define (shown with what looks like the Heathered Smokey Rose CRB underneath).

More photos of the Persian Purple stripe Turn Around LS. The tag says its made of running luon (rulu) but people who tried it on says it's thicker and feels more like pique. This top is reversible and $78.

Run: Turn Around LS shown with Chasses Tights

Currant Swiftly with Make Davie Run Crazy Pacesetter Skirt and Turn ARound LS in Ghost/Gray Stripe and Elevation Space Dye shorts.
Two more colors in the Run: Turn Around LS. In the bottom photo is a new Pacesetter Skirt in Currant/Make Davie Run Crazy Print and new shorts in the Coal Elevation Space Dye print.

More photos of the Rehearsal LS and Chasse Tights.

Photos of the new Heathered Black Swan Cool Racerback Tank. It looks a lot more gray than purple in the photos and people have confirmed that is also how it looks in real life. That is good because now I can take it off my wish list.

Photos of the new colors in the Still Groovy Gym Bag.

Another photo of the Currant Bandana edged with the Make Davie Run Crazy print.

It almost seems anti-climatic after all the goodies that have been coming out but a Heathered White Gratitude Wrap has hit Canadian stores. Everything I am reading says that US stores are not going to get Gratitude Wraps. I don't know if this will be uploaded to the website. I suspect it will be and I will post an alert here, on Facebook, and Twitter to let you all know. Once again, the uploads are supposed to be changed to Tuesdays now. I guess we'll find out tomorrow whether that is true but that is the rumor.