Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rumor - Uploads Are Moving to Tuesdays

Oh yeah, before I forget. Word on the boards is that upload Thursday is now changing to Tuesdays. Supposedly that's the same day Ivivva is going to be doing its uploads. The Ivivva US website starts this Tuesday, November 8th.

The Tutu Is...............Wait For It......$98!!!!...............Bwahahahaha!

Spotted in the stores, the Rehearsal Tutu. (Thanks to Victoria for the pic). It's $98. This was my favorite comment about this photo: "Let's be honest, it's going to be in loot for $29."

Lulu, could you spend your design team's time on more useful items like supportive tanks and bras that women can wear to cross fit and other vigorous workouts? I would love a version of the Ta Ta Tamer with a racerback strap. Keep the cups the same, just make the straps racerback, like in the Champion Powerback Bra.

New No Limit Tanks Arriving in Stores This Week

New No Limits tank spotted on ebay. (Thanks to a reader for spotting this.) Thanks to another reader for letting me know that her store told her they will be hitting stores next week and have already been spotted in Los Angeles area stores.  I have a Flush No Limit tank and like it a lot but this summer was too cool for me to get much use out of it. However, if it shows up in solid Currant, Paris Pink, or Smokey Rose I might have to get another one. The color code to this GRLL/BTXP. When I found out what color this stands for I'll update.

The color code to this is CHAR/WPIN which is Charcoal / something. It looks like heathered coal to me.

The last is LILC/HCHR is lilac / heathered charcoal.

NEW! New Fleece Jacket - The Off the Mat

New, very pricey fleece jacket called the Off the Mat Jacket (thank again to Sharon for the pics). I really like the look of this jacket but I can't like the price at all. I don't see the reason for the $80 price increase over the Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover made of the same material. It does have more details so I can see a bit of a bump but not $80 worth. My other concern with this jacket is that my fleeces, whether they are lululemon or North Face, tend to look a bit ratty after being washed multiple times. Although, I do have an off-white Mountain Hardware fleece I got last year that still looks pretty nice so maybe companies have figured out how to make fleece wear well.

On a related note, I took the tags of my Don't Hurry Be Happy yesterday to wear to my kids' soccer games yesterday. I was outside from 8 am to 4 pm watching games and the weather was in the upper 40s to mid 60s. I layered the DHBH over a long sleeve swiftly and was very warm. I really liked the feel of the high pile fleece against my neck and chin and when the wind kicked up I pulled it over my head as a hood. I thought the pullover did a good job of blocking the wind, too. All in all, I am very happy that I decided to keep this pullover.

NEW! Run: Turn Around LS

New long sleeve running luon top called the Run: Turn Around spotted in stores.  It comes in Plum, Persian Purple, and Black. (Thanks to Sharon for these photos) I really like the Black one.