Friday, November 4, 2011

Photos of the Latest

Photos of the three new Power Technique tanks. I really like the striped gray one but this second color run is even better than the first.

The Destined for Greatness Duffle is huge.

A close up of the white heathered blurred gray striped Scuba.

A wild look for the Ta Ta Tamer that gives us a better idea what that Persian Purple Stripe Scoop Neck will look like close up:

Photos of the Apres Pullover

 The new Apres Pullover was uploaded to the Canadian side of the website but not the US. If it had been uploaded yesterday I might have ordered it to compare it to the Don't Hurry Be Happy (DHBH) Pullover and make a decision on which to keep. The Apres don't have the sherpa lining but has a more body-skimming shape. I still think I like the DHBH better since it's a bit longer and seems more style less function but I know quite a few of you have traded in your DHBH for the Apres. Let us know if you've tried both and which you preferred.

NEW! Coal Elevation Space Dye Print Pace Setter Skirt

There is a new Pace Setter Skirt in a new print. I believe it's Coal Elevation Space Dye but I'm having trouble finding the email I saw the skirt in. I'll update if it's incorrect.

NEW! Make Davie Run Crazy Print

There is an interesting looking print called the Make Davie Run Crazy print edging a Currant Bandana. (If anyone know the origin of the name, please tell the story) It looks interesting- maybe a plaid? As soon as I find more photos I will post. I hope this shows up on some tanks or possibly even a Scuba jacket like the Creekside Camo print.

Lulu Tutu

We heard the rumors but it's definitely true, there is a Lululemn tutu hitting the stores. There are also leotard and rehearsal tights. The caption to this photo said they were ready to go to a new Bar Method studio wearing their leotards and tutus. It seems a bit gung-ho for Bar but then again, I've only take it once in a studio setting. However, the ladies on the DVD aren't wearing tutus.  ;-)