Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dash II Tank in Plum (?)

I'll be honest, I don't keep track of the Dash Tanks that closely so I think this is a new color in the Dash - it looks like Plum - but I'm not entirely sure. The Masonville (Ontario) posted this photo with all their new stuff so I'm 99.9% sure it's new. If Plum is coming back to the ladies line I am psyched. I really like plum with my coloring but never found a technical tank last year that I liked.

Update - I googled all the Dash II colors. It came in Heathered Rocksteady, Royalty, Dewberry (pinker than the above photo, I think), Magnum, Black, Muted Mauve, and Clear Sky.

Heathered Dewberry Dash II

Free To Be Bra Goes Up to a 12 - When Did That Happen?

When the Free to Be bra first appeared in the stores last summer I swear it only went up to a size ten. I bit the bullet and bought it even though it was a bit small because I liked the strap design and wanted to layer it under skinny strapped tanks for extra support. Tonight someone pointed out (thank you, Susan!) that there were some size twelve Free to Be bras in black on the Lululemon website. I think the size range might have been expanded on this latest release but I missed it. Well, whatever the story is I bought a twelve tonight. It seems as though Lulu has been adding more size twelves back into its product line. It used to be many of the running and non-core crops didn't go to a twelve but now most of the new ones do. Not all stores will get the twelve and I might have to order on line but I still appreciate the option.

Two Versions of the Black Swan Define

Check it out - there are two versions of the Black Swan Define. The version that was used in the product alert emails looks like the top photo so I wonder if the jackets like the bottom photo were made in error. (Thanks to Elaine for noticing this.)

Photos of Defines, Comments About the Upload

How gorgeous does the Deep Camo Pique Define look in this photo? I'm going to have to try it on again because of this.

The Heathered Black Swan Define also looks pretty in this photo. I initially passed it by but I'll have to give it a try on the next time I visit the store.

The Black Herringbone Define looks really good paired with black pants (of course). I hope this makes it to my local store. I didn't order it this morning but I thought about it.

This girl makes all the Defines look so good. This is the Ghost Herringbone.

Black Swan and Lilac look so nice paired together. I was surprised the new Power Technique tanks were not uploaded this morning.

What a cute lulu-clad couple they make! This is how I picture my husband and I looking when we take walks in our lulu. In reality I've only ever run into one couple, in the grocery store no less, outfitted in head to toe lulu. She was tall and model slim in a Purple Define, Muted Mauve Stripes Galore Power Y, and Groove pants and he had on a tech shirt and lulu shorts. They must have been in their mid-50s but they looked sporty and well-dressed - just like all of us. ;-)

I hope those of you who wanted the Heathered Black Swan Cuddle Up ordered one this morning. The Ghost and Black Swan sold out a few hours ago. The Black only has size two left. Does anyone know if these are coming to US stores? I didn't order anything this morning since I went shopping yesterday. What did you all order?

Photos of the New Equanimity Pant

In Black Denim

I was going to poo poo the Equanimity Pant because of the ribbed panels on the back of the leg but these ladies all look so cute in these photos that I'll have to try them on.