Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW! Equanimity Pant, Launching in US Nov. 8th & A New Print

It was anounced on the Ivivva website that the e-commerce store for the US will open November 8th. I'm psyched because I have two nieces who take ballet. The older one shares her mom's lulu but I think it would be fun to get her lulu aimed at her own age. Ivvia goes up to size fourteen so ladies who take size two, four, and six in Lululemon might be able to fit into some of the Ivivva products. Here is a comparison of Lulu to Ivivva:

On the left is a lululemon size four and on the right an Ivivva sized fourteen. The Ivivva tank is about one and three quarters inches shorter than the lulu. (Thanks to Jaime for this photo.)

Spotted in the latest issue of Oxygen magazine - a possible new print. It looks very similar to the Black Citron Tinted Canvas print from last spring except with lilac this time. Granted, I really liked the Tinted Canvas print and the coordinating color palette and ended up buying ten pieces of it but I wouldn't mind a totally new print. (Thanks to Terri for spotting this ad.)

 New Equanimity Pant coming in black and black denim luon.

Product Info:
  • Maintain your calm & collected self in this tight fit pants with a bunched hem in all your life practices'
  • Our signature 4-way stretch, cotton-feel luon® fabric is breathable
  • Mid-rise, smooth, soft waistband
  • Waistband inner stash pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk so the look of this garment stays true

They look kind of similar to the Energize Pant, one of my cold weather favorites:

Today's Shopping Trip: Herringbone Pullovers, Cross My Heart Bra, Pique Define and More

Very discrete logo location - your hair will probably cover it.
I returned my Black Swan Gratitude Wrap today and bought the Black Herringbone Full Tilt pullover. (BTW, if you live in the area and were looking for a BS GW in size 10, go to or call Irvine, it might still be there ). I haven't bought a new pullover in two years - since my black Energy - so I am psyched. The herringbone running luon feels thicker than regular running luon (or rulu, as lulu is calling it now). There is minimal use of circle mesh - a little under the armpit and a band around the bust so there aren't many areas for the wind to breeze through. My other pullovers, the Hills and Energy have significant circle mesh portions - down the side and underside of the arm, so this one will be my cold weather pullover (cold in SoCal = 50s  ;-)   ). The black herringbone pattern is nice because it's an understated color that isn't heathered or static for a change, with a minimum of pleats and ruffles (the reflective ruffle near the cuff is dark gray) and no racing stripes or something funky going on at the shoulder. I like that it doesn't look like it's for running only - it can be used for hiking or as a base layer for skiing. I also like that the lulu logo is in a very discrete location on the back of the collar. I thought this pullover ran true to size.

I also ended up exchanging the Black Swan Pure Focus tank I bought last week for a Black Swan Power Technique tank. I really liked the Black Swan color in sheer luon but to wear the BS Pure Focus for exercise I'd would like to have the matching Free To Be bra for extra support making the total investment something like $120 to wear one tank. The Power Technique offers me better support and coverage and the opportunity to try a new tank style. I ended up sizing down to minimize all the extra material in the lower part of the tank.

The new Define jacket - Black Herringbone (love!!!), Deep Camo Pique, Heathered Black Swan, and Ghost Herringbone
I tried on the Deep Camo Pique Define and loved how soft it is. I really liked the deep mossy green color on me, too. I was tempted by this Define but wasn't totally keen on the Heathered Wren inset. What I would really love to see is a hoodie or pullover in pique.

I also tried on the Ghost Herringbone Define. It was cute, too, and thick and soft. I would have loved to try on the Black Herringbone Define but my store didn't have it. It looks like a very eye-catching design and it's now on my maybe list. Maybe it'll show up online tomorrow.

Cross My Heart Turned Inside Out
I tried on the Cross My Heart bra. I thought it was a fairly supportive bra, probably similar to the 50 Rep. The straps don't have elastic inside them so there was a lot of bounce when I jumped up and down (I'm a 36DD). The inside was kind of odd, like a Deep V, as you can see in the above photo. The back is different looking and if you like to work out in just a bra I think this is a good choice. It has an interesting strap pattern and gives good coverage. I didn't care for how the back looked with a CRB over it but it looks cute in the photos I've seen when paired with the new Run Free Tank. I think the straps are too wide to look very good layered under other tanks with thinner straps. I always try to match strap widths when layering a bra under a tank with a built in bra if I can't match the strap pattern of the tank itself (i.e., Flow Y with a Power Y). All in all, I'd rather spend $10 more to get a Ta Ta Tamer for better support and better looks under my CRBs.

I didn't have time to try on the new Run: Free Tank but I can see why we are seeing everyone's lumps, bumps, and seams in nearly every photo of it. The material is incredibly thin and clingy. The tag says it's made of luon but I think it's a special blend of luon light. It's very soft and silky but it's thin so it's going to reveal your every secret, even if you don't have any - like the woman in the above photo - I can see the outline of her her bra and the seaming in her pants.

My store actually had the Black Swan Creekside Camo Scuba so Scubas have arrived in Southern California. I wonder if we will be getting the new Cuddle Ups soon. This is an eye catching print but I think I prefer a more muted print like the Black Snowy Owl. This Scuba was not nearly as soft or plushy feeling as the Snowy Owl but felt more like a solid colored Scuba. It also had a normal hair tie zipper pull. I kind of like the metal lulu symbol pull.

I also got to try on the Heathered Black Swan Scoop Neck tank. I thought this particular color ran small in this tank. This happens every now and then in the Scoop Neck. I'd say it felt at least half a size small.

Photos of the Power Technique and Active Strength Tanks

I think I am going to have to give the new Power Technique tank another try. It looks pretty cute in most of the photos I've seen of it, on size twos and size tens - always a good sign. Additionally, it now comes in Black Swan. I haven't taken the tags off my Black Swan Pure Focus so I am thinking I might make a trade. It looks like most of the girls in the photos are cinching it so it bells out a bit at the bottom and isn't so long.

I have not changed my mind about the Active Strength tank. I don't know what it is about this tank but it's not doing anything for any of the women in these photos. It seems to erase their waists or it's too long and the bottom curves too much or something but I don't think it's a flattering cut. It's very cute from the back view but the front is awful.