Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photos - Pure Technique and Active Strength Tanks

This is about how long the Power Technique was on me, maybe a bit longer. It makes cinching it problematic. If I cinch it and then pull it higher then the body will poof out like a balloon. I guess I could leave it tunic length. I'll have to give it another try.

The Active Strength tank in Heathered Black Swan. It also comes in black.

I don't think I told you guys that the GEC stated the US wouldn't be getting Gratitude Wraps at all this year. I don't get that decision. The US is a warmer climate overall than Canada, we'd get more use of the jacket. Here in SoCal I'd probably be able to wear it most of the year.  Updated - A reader comments that the GEC told her the GWs might show up in the US after all. Maybe lulu is changing their mind about US stores, or maybe people at the GEC don't know the real story. Getting a straight story from them is very frustrating.

Store Trip Report - Integrity Hot Tank, ACtive Strength Tank, Power Technique Tank, Run Free Crops and More

I got to try on the new Power Technique and was rather disappointed in it. It strikes me as an update to the Power Dance. I really like the straps in the back but the sheer luon body had a ton of fabric and looked like a dress on me. I tried sizing down but that made the bra portion a little tight. The other bad thing is that the bra portion has a tendency to creep up and start the sheer luon part halfway down the bust, erasing your waist and making it look that much more like a maternity top. My local store only had the Ghost and Coal, both rather dull colors. If it comes in a better color I might consider it and just make sure to cinch the bottom but for now it's a pass for me. I forgot to note the price but I believe it was $58. One note, if you are expecting, this might be a great tank for you to try out. There was so much fabric I think this tank could take you through to your ninth month.

I also tried the luxtreme Active Strength and hated it. It seemed to flatten out my chest and was super long - past my crotch. I'm not particularly short (5'5") but I'm not into the extra long tanks lulu has been coming out with.  If you like extra length, you might want to check this tank out. I wish lululemon would bring the Push UR Limits back. The support on the Active Strength tank was low/moderate for busty women.

I tried the Run Free Crops on and liked them a lot. The luxtreme is very thick and when I did the bend over test I didn't expose all. The length is a bit long, I prefer crops that end just below the knee. I thought the gathered panels on the side were a nice feature. I wasn't such a fan of the nearly-horizontal line cutting across the back of my thighs. I could feel it when I tried it on but I know once I start exercising those types of things don't bother me so much.

My local stores also received the Black Swan and Black Live Simply jackets. I really liked Black Swan. The Live Simply hit me a bit lower than it does in this web photo. I like that lulu got rid of the seams around the elbows. The zipper was metal and not a two-way which seems odd for such a long jacket. All in all, it's a very cute jacket in a unique color.

I tried the Tadasana slit crops and liked them a lot. They seemed to fit more like Boogie crops than Gather and Crows to me. I would love a pair of crops like this made a couple of inches shorter. I really liked the wide waistband - it seemed like great tummy control. I think I am going to give them another try on.

I tried on the Integrity Hot Tank in the Black Swan and just love that color. I hope more tanks in solid Black Swan are coming. The Integrity was too revealing for me but I liked it better than the Flow and Go. Like the Flow and Go it has a strap that loops around your neck that I find very annoying since the weight of my boobs really pulls on it. All in all, it's a very cute tank but just not for my chest size or workout needs.

I saw both new Pacesetter herringbone flavor (light and dark) skirts in the store and they both had an iridescent sheen to them. I thought they were super cute.

I ended up buying myself the Black Swan Pure Focus tank. I  just couldn't resist this color. I already have a Pure Focus that I like to wear to spin and as casual wear. I like to wear the Free to Be bra underneath for more support at the gym so I am debating whether I need to get the Black Swan Free to Be or can live with just the black one.

NEW Blurred Gray Gratitude Wrap and a New Orange Color?

New Blurred Gray Gratitide Wrap. I got an email this morning that there are four colors of the Gratitude Wraps - Ghost, Blurred Gray, Black Swan, and Black. I really hope Lululemon rethings their strategy of not having these come to US stores.

New Wunder Unders with an interesting bunch of colors in the waistband. It almost looks like there is an orange color (on the left side).

My Favorite Comment on the Lululemon Corporate Facebook Wall

[Irate Insert Your Name Here Customer] At this point, wouldn't it be more efficient for Lulu to just sell directly to the eBay scalpers and cut out these extra steps to a process that does an extremely good job of ensuring that the "real customers" don't get what they order?

Message From Lulu About Website Orders

Just posted on the Lululemon Facebook page:

lululemon athletica
Hey Ladies,
I can completely appreciate everyone's concerns. We are working really hard to get this resolved for you and it looks like the site is returning to normal and the check-out process should be working smoothly going forward. We ar...e working though confirming everyone's orders so if you have concerns about whether or not yours went through, please email your order confirmation number (if you received one), your first and last name, email address that would have been used to place the order and a contact number for you to We will follow up with you as soon as we can confirm the order.

OMG, Fastest Sellout Ever!!

Within minutes, something like five!, of being uploaded the Gratitude Wraps were sold out in some sizes. Crazy!

Were you able to get one?