Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Latest - Vinyasa Scaves, Pure Focus, Wunder Unders and More

Black Pique Vinyasa
Heathered Lilac Coal Wee Stripe shown with a GW
New Vinyasa scarves are out. The new colors are Black Pique, Ghost, and Heathered Lilac Coal Wee Stripe.

One reason I love the Pure Focus tank so much is that it makes your chest look great and it gives you a bit of a waist while still being very flowy. I read the price has increased from $58 to $64 on these which is disappointing.

Closeup on a new Wunder Under "sunburst" waistband colors.

The Harmony Softshell has a bit of a duck tail going on.

Coming Soon - Reversible Chai Time Pullover

Another goodie from Yoga Journal magazine (thanks to Annie again!) It's a reversible Chai Time Pullover sweater. I wasn't a Chai Time fan but I like the texture and the longer length of this newest version. The magazine says the price will be $128.

More Photos of the Gratitude Wrap

The Black Swan Gratitude Wrap looks very purpley in this photo. Not sure if I like it.

I've seen photos where the Gratitude Wrap looks really nice and others where it looks like this - a sack. I think it's a matter of not tightening the drawstring too much. This is the reason I didn't like it the first time it was out. I am going to try and order it when it comes out Thursday but I don't anticipate liking it anymore that I did the first time and if I can't get one, I can totally live with it.

Not loving it here

I love the way it looks in this photo

The Newest - Pacesetter Skirt, Live Simply Jacket, Brisk Run Gloves and More

The Pace Setter Skirt in Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone.

Define in Heathered Black Swan. (A reader points out the Heathered Black Swan Define photo I posted earlier had the dark lulu symbol go all the way to the neck) OK, I just saw more photos of this from a different store and they called it Heathered Black Swan. It certainly has a purple tone to it.

Some more photos of the new Run: Free Crops. Some people were wondering if the ruching on the sides added bulk but I think it might be a slimming element, especially when viewed from the side. I always like a side seam to break up the view.

New Brisk Run gloves in Heathered Coal.

Deep Camo Live Simply

Some great photos showing the design details on the Ghost Live Simply jacket.

It's Definite - Gratitude Wraps to Be Uploaded on Thursday

Just posted on the Lululemon Facebook site:

Hey guys,
We’re so excited to see the Gratitude Wrap back and we know you are too! We’ve done some digging and it doesn’t look like our US stores will be receiving the GW but it will be dropping on both sides of our site this Thursday morning. We know they’re a hot commodity so we’ll make sure to let you know the second the second they're online. Stay tuned!
~ Jordan

PS Lulu - Please consider putting in a limit on these if you can. There are already new Gratitiude Wraps on eBay at big markups. I've read some of the stores in Canada are getting cleaned out.

New Deep Camo Live Simply Jacket

I forgot to add this to my other post about the new things from the product notice emails. A new Live Simply Jacket in Deep Camo.

A New Blue Coming and a New Cool Racerback Style

Thanks to Annie from the TJI group for posting this. It's a Lululemon Ad from Yoga Journal. It shows what looks like a Cool Racerback tank with a black (?) seam down the side. This almost looks like an old blue color called Cove Blue that was out about three years ago. Typically the magazine ads showcase items that come out a couple of months down the road.

Cove Blue Ujjayi Tank (older)

Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Wunder Unders, Herringbone Cap, Muted Mauve Stride

Some new items from the Product Notices that went out todya. These are  Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Wunder Unders

New Speedy Run hat in Deep Coal / Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone. Now this one I might have to get.

 A very pretty Heathered Muted Mauve Stride Jacket.

New Pink and Print Revealed!

These Wunder Unders showed up in a US store product notice. Check out Paris Pink and that squiggle print in the waistband. I love black, white, and pink schemes. My bank account is going to be in trouble this fall.

The Latest - Work It Out Pant, Brisk Run Gloves, and More

I am an idiot. These are the Work It Out pants in Deep Camo Pique. There is also a Black Slub Denim.

Work It Out Pant in BSLD - Black Slub Denim.

New Brisk Run gloves with touch-screen friendly finger tips. They come in Coal and Black.

New luxtreme run crops, the Run: Free crop. I like the look of the rouched panel along the side and the wide waistband. Comes in black and Black/Black Swan.

A good view of the back of the Tadasana Slit crop. I am dying to try these on and see if they fit like my Boogie crops. They come in Heathered Black and Black with a coal waist.

Tadasana Slit crop
I just love the purple tone in the new Black Swan Pure Focus tank.

Cuddle Up Jackets Are Coming Back

The Cuddle Up jacket is coming back. I'm not sure what store this image is from but here is one in Ghost. These jackets are very similar to the Scuba jacket except without a hood. I hope the sides are ribbed like in the Scuba. As soon as I know more I will post.