Friday, October 7, 2011

Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe CRB and More of the Latest Arrivals

New run glove but I find it kind of creepy looking in this color. LOL.

The first photo I've run across showing the Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe Cool Racerback. I am dying to see a close up photo. (This is from an Australian store. I don't think this color has hit North America yet.) I would love to see this compared to the Heathered Pigeon Luxtreme CRB. The colors look pretty similar.

Close up of the Heathered Lilac Coal Wee Stripe Full Tilt Pullover. It's interesting to see how the stripes look up close.

New Tadasana Slit Crop. These are supposed to arrive at my local stores this week. Has anyone tried them on and can comment on how they compare to the Gather and Crow or Boogie crops?

More photos of the new Triumphant tote. If you are in the market for a gym bag, check this one out.

 The Still Groovy bag in the Tree Frog camo print. I think this is a print you have to see in person. It's actually kind of fun and will hide dirt and stains.

Also shown in this photo, the back view of the Tadasana slit crop

Photos of the new Cross Your Heart bra in action. It's interesting to see what peeks out when wearing a CRB, as shown in the top photo.

New Ta Ta Tamer in Ghost Wee Stripe. I saw this in the store the other day. I don't get the need for a two-tone TTTs. I think this one is rather ugly.

Brisk Run headband and bandana.

NEW! Work It Out Pant

New Work It Out Pant. Here is the product info: A snug fit, ankle-length pant with a medium rise. Made of our favorite fabric- luon! 4-way stretch, breathable, and moisture wicking. I guess is that this color is Black Swan Space Dye but I'm not sure. I would love this color in a Power Y or Scoop Neck tank, I think.

NEW!!! A New Tank Style - Integrity Hot Tank

A new tank style - the Integrity Hot Tank. I don't have a name or any details yet. It looks a bit like the Flow and Go and by the way the material is draping, I think it's made of circle mesh on the bottom, luxtreme on the top. I can tell it won't be supportive for me but it's looks perfect for hot yoga.

Black Swan Energy Bra Coming?

I just got an Australian product notice that listed a Black Swan Energy Bra. The Energy Bra has become my go-to Lululemon bra. I am pysched.

New Hair Ties - Upcoming Color Palette Clues

Thanks to reader Amanda for bringing my attention to the new hair ties that were uploaded this morning. Hmm, let's see. I see Black Swan, Tree Frog, Deep Camo, Persian Purple, a hot pink (maybe Neon?), and Lilac. I am excited to see a hot pink tone make a comeback.

An anonymous commenter said the pink is Paris Pink. Not sure if we're getting an inside scoop or the commenter is just projecting the alliteration of Persian Purple onto the new pink color. I hope it's a new hot pink and not Raspberry.