Monday, October 3, 2011

The Latest - Odds and Ends

I love this print in the men's West Coast Hoodie - Dark Slate Black Houndstooth.

 New Bandana in the Black Swan Creekside Camo Print. The Bandana is $16.

A close up of the Heathered Black Swan Herringbone Stride Jacket. It's shown with the new Movement Toque, Leg Warmers, and Neck Warmer.

More photos of the new CRBs - Heathered Lilac and Heathered Tree Frog.

New run cap (Brisk Run Toque) in Coal Heathered Blurred Gray Classic Stripe. It also comes in black.

New Groove Waistbands.

Brisk Ear Warmer in Coal Mini Check

The Lilac Swiftly looks good paired with the Heathered Tree Frog CRB underneath.

New Tree Frog "The Mat" with a Lilac Strap.

New Cabin Longsleeve Tops

Unfinished hem at the sleeves

Unifinished bottom hem - showing how you can separate the layer.

There are four new Cabin longsleeve tops. The design has been changed a little. The hems at the sleeves and bottom have been left unfinished. I don't really care for the new look, I liked the contrast stitching a lot, but I think it might have been done to aid in de-pilling if pills form between the layers. The four new colors are (I know I don't have photos of all four colors):
  • lilac coal wee stripe / heathered coal (or charcoal. I've seen it both ways)
  • Heathered Black Swan
  • Ghost Blurred Gray mini stripe / Heathered Blurred Gray
  • Black / Heathered Coal

NEW! Triumphant Tote

New Triumphant Tote. I think this print is the Creekside Camo print but I'm not sure. The color is the Treefrog Green. The tote is $118. The tote also comes in black. Reader Rose writes that the tote seems to be a combo of the Hot Hobo and Triumph Tote. There is also a Retro Groove bag in this print.

Movement Neck Warmer and Toque

(FYI - the jacket on the left is a 3-4 years old)
The Movement Neckwarmer looks like more of a chest warmer to me since it leaves the neck wide open. I guess it could be a cool look but it looks really impractical to me since it doesn't hug the neck and is so bulky. The Movement Toque isn't bad but floppy hats are more for teens/hipsters/boarders so another pass for me.

Full Tilt Crop SE

There is a new Special Edition version of the Full Tilt crops that have ruffles on the calf. I'm glad someone finally posted this info because I was confused that the newer crops didn't look much like the Full Tilts that were released a couple of weeks ago.

New Scubas - Black Swan and Black Swan Dip Dye

A few photos of a new Scuba in solid Black Swan. I really like the dark purple. I wish the logo contrasted a little more. Not sure if I "need" another Scuba, though.

A better photo of the Black Swan Dip Dye Scuba. I think I might like this better than the solid Black Swan.

The Latest Cool Racerback Colors - Tree Frog, Deep Coal, Heathered Lilac, and Heathered Deep Camo

New CRB colors in Heathered Tree Frog, Heathered Deep Camo, and Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe.

 CRB in Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

The Heathered Tree Frog CRB. I can't decide if I like this color or not. I'll have to try it on and see how it looks with my coloring.

The Newest Stride Colors (Updated)

There are five new Stride Jackets out. This one is the Coal / Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone. It's brushed which people find a bit warmer than regular strides. From far away this jacket doesn't look like anything special but I like the pattern up close. I wouldn't mind a Power Y or Scoop Neck tank in this pattern.

We have already seen a couple of photos of this new Stride. It's the Black Swan / Black Swan Heathered Black Herringbone Stride. This is also a brushed Stride.

 A photo showing the Heathered Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Stride Jacket.

The other new colors of the Stride Jackets are:
  • Heathered Deep Vamo
  • Deep Coal / Deep Coal Heathered Coal Wee Stripe
As soon as I come across photos of these I will post them.