Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Markdowns Added Tonight

Some new items were added to the markdown section tonight. As the Lulumum blog noted, if you ordered the black or heathered black City Beat pants that were just uploaded this morning but really wanted the Black Denim version that showed up in We Made Too Much tonight ($18 cheaper), refuse delivery on your order and it will be sent back to lululemon at no charge to you.

More Photos of New Items - Black Swan Stride, Currant, and More

The new Black Swan color is hard to pin down. I read it looks purplish in real life but, in other photos, it looks grayish. These are a new Stride in Heathered Black Swan/Black Swan Herringbone. It's a brushed Stride Jacket.

I think this is the new Black Swan Swiftly. It looks a lot like my lolo one in this photo. I suppose it could be Royalty. Black Swan looks a lot darker in the product alert photo:

Black Swan Swiftly
Ok, a real life photo of the new Black Swan Swiftly in good lighting. It's a blackish purple. (Thanks, Ms. X)

New scarf in what looks like that Currant color.

I'm not sure if these are new colors or the store got older stock from another store. Photos of these were just uploaded today. It looks like a Pique In Stride and a Heathered Something Define. It could be Heathered Blurred Gray but maybe it's that Heathered Green we saw in the Scoop Neck in the previous post.. I'll update when I find out more.

Upcoming Scoop Neck

Thanks to Christina for spotting this on the lululemon website. It looks like a heathered version of the new Deep Camo color in the Scoop Neck tank.

Today's Upload

I'm taking the lazy way out today and just posting a screen shot of some of the items that were uploaded this morning. With the exception of the City Beat pants that I know some people were looking for, it was an exceptionally lame upload. I don't know if stuff has been stuck in customs or at the manufacturers or whatever but the new arrivals at the stores and on the website have been pretty weak. I certainly hope some new colors, prints, and new designs (especially in tanks and tops) will be coming soon. I am quite bored with what lulu is currently offering. A new print would get me really jazzed up. I am curious to see what items the new colors Black Swan, Tree Frog Green, and Currant will come in. I am thinking it might be just a CRB and a Scuba jacket and that is it. That seems to have been the trend lately. It's good for my bank account but boring for a lulu addict.

Black Swan Swiftlys

This is the product notice from Park City. It has a couple of tiny photos of Swiftly tops in the new Black Swan color. I will update with better photos once I run across them. (Thanks to Quincey for the photo)