Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Photos of the Ahead of the Curve Jacket (and mini Try On Report)

After all the hilarity we had yesterday at the Expense of the Ahead of the Curve jacket, it's actually not that bad a jacket. I got a chance to try it on today when I had to exchange my husband's shirt for a black one. The fit is true to size and it comes in the pretty Royalty Shale Stripe (pictured above). The pleats puffed out a bit too much over my bedonkadonk rear but I didn't think it was hideous. If the pleated portion had not been so much longer than the front, I might have liked the jacket a lot more. I think a certain type of person can probably carry this jacket off (taller, thinner?) but it's not for me (at full price anyway).

PS - Oh yeah, I should add I am not a fan of the ruffles at the zipper. This jacket has enough going on it doesn't need the extra embellishment and it takes away the impact of the pretty Shale Stripe pattern.