Friday, September 16, 2011

NEW! Ahead of the Curve Jacket

I'm going to recreate a Lulu Facebook fan group's thread about the new Ahead of the Curve Jacket (pay attention lulu design team):

Girl 1: New jacket! The riding jacket and maybe inspire had a baby....

Girl 2:So how long till it's on md? What, riding jacket took 2 or 3 weeks?

Girl 3:  I think it's so funny how they describe it as a to/from your fall runs. Like, if you drive somewhere you'd leave it in your car? Cuz when I need a jacket to get to my run, chances are good I'm going to be needing it on my run. Anyway...rant over.

Girl 1: It would have been a great jacket without the tail.

Girl 2: Yeah it looks kind of double tailed in the pictures. I like the fabric they used.

Girl 1: There was enough room for my shoulders and everything!

Girl 2: Really? That is a new thing for lulu!

Girl 1: I know!

Girl 1:Normal from the front

Girl 4: Business in the front, party in the back ;)

Girl 3: Looks nice from the front.

Girl 1:  I really liked it from the front. Then I was adjusting the back hem and discovered the tail....

Girl 1: Crazy as heck in the back

Girl 2: That is a LOVE CHILD if I have ever seen one! You look good though!

Girl 1: Lol thanks. It did not follow me home, though.
Girl 2:I wonder if the designer who came up with the riding jacket, camel toe pant, and this is getting fired.
Girl 1: Should have gotten a side view. Stuck out like no ones business. Looked like big bird.

Girl 2: LOL!! This and the batman... it's just too much!

Girl 3: Leftovers of fabric from the ponchos?

Girl 5:  OMG! Yuck.

Girl 1: Maybe? This is coal shale, though.

Girl 6: huh???

Girl 2: Did you tell them that you'd wear this jacket squatch hunting?

Girl 4: Why We Made This: Squatch hunting?

Girl 1: Hahaha no. There wasn't a new person working the fitting rooms.

Girl 2: LOL! You could have said that you heard squatch like birds. This looks very bird like.

Girl 2: ‎Girl 4, this is our go to when people ask what you plan on doing in your lulu. 
[Please note lulu: people don't like being asked what they are going to use their lulu for when they are shopping]

Girl 4: I like it! I bet they'd leave you alone after that.

Girl 1: Bahahaha. No it was one of my favorite girls working the dressing rooms, and we were busy giggling over the tail. 

Girl 7: It's the Run: Mullet Jacket! Business in the front and party in the back!

Girl 1: It is pretty tts, to slightly roomy if you don't have broad shoulders.

Girl 8: Lol, Girl 7, it IS the mullet jacket!

Girl 9: Lol.. "Cozy layer to wear up the mountain, to & from the studio or out hunting Squatch".

Girl 10: This is cracking me up! Love it!

Girl 2: Don't you think they should include the squatch. I mean they are from Vancouver there are squatch there!

Girl 1: Yes! Totally. Explains the poncho too. Squatch hunting in the rain!

Girl 2:  LOL!!! Okay getting funny looks from the 2 year old after laughing at that!

Girl 11: Oooooh, I love the idea of the lulu Squatch line! What other ugly wonders could we put in it? Oh, the Hammer pants! "Perfect for wearing Depends or storing a seat cushion for those long days in the woods huntin' Squatch!"

Girl 9: Lol, Girl 11, --you could SMUGGLE a Squatch in those things!

Girl 2: LOL Girl 11!! Seriously there aren't bathrooms out there you need to go somewhere!

Girl 2: ‎Girl 9:, some people could be smuggling squatch in those ;)

Lulu Addict: You guys are cracking me up but what is a Squatch?

Girl 2: It's the street term for Sasquatch.

Lulu Addict: That's what I found when I googled Squatch but I wanted to make sure. Street term - LOL

Girl 2: Huntin' squatch is mainstream now ;)

Girl 11: OMG, laughing so hard I am crying...

Girl 12: There's a street term for Sasquatch? I'm missing out in so much living in the United States.

Girl 13: Oh gawd! What a jacket!

Girl 2: I live in [a western state]. Not missing out on anything, Girl 12. I had a client who was a squatch hunter and I would spend my Friday's listening to my employees talk to "Big Foot" Darryl (that is what we called him ;)

Thanks to Alice for the photos.

Today's Shopping Trip

I went to the store today to pick up a birthday gift for my husband. I got him the Base Longsleeve ($72) in Heathered Blurred Gray. He has been complaining of being cold since he lost so much weight so I thought he might like this. It's a very simple long sleeve shirt made of running luon. They had it in black and gray at my store. I was also thinking about getting him the cotton Wrec Crew sweatshirt but the Base LS is technical and can be used for running or casual.

I was hoping to see the new Heathered Lavendar Gray CRB at the store but they hadn't gotten it in.

I saw the new Embossed Black Nesting Bird Define and was less than impressed. The embossing is so dull it looks like it's been through the wash dozens of times. I can see why people have commented that they didn't like it. I usually like embossed prints but this one is a dud. I got out my Embossed Manifesto Gather Together to compare and the design stands out much better and is almost iridescent in spots:

 There wasn't much else new in the store that I hadn't already tried on. I wore my new Heathered Rocksteady to spin this morning and was very happy with my decision to size down in this tank. The bra was snugger thus more supportive and I can do spin and other moderate impact activities without having to layer another bra underneath. I do trade off with it not being as loose in the tummy and snugger at the hips but the fit in the bra is the most important to me.

While I was at the store a young, college-aged man walked in to buy something. He was wearing the new women's Harem Crops and a tank. He was probably a dancer or dance student. Anyway, I was kind of startled when I saw him because the store crowd is not artsy or even overly trendy. It's typically suburban moms, young women and their husbands or boyfriends. He actually looked decent in the pants and better than nearly all of the photos Ive seen of women wearing them.  He was tall, over six feet and slender. You definitely need a certain about of height to wear these. Having broader shoulders also helps balance out the abundance of material at the crotch.