Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photos of the Latest and Comments About the Upload/New Loot

Photo of the new Heathered Lavender Gray CRB. Don't ask me why the logo appears off-center. I would hope it's a weird angle or something but it doesn't look like it. I am curious to see the color in person to compare it to Heathered Pigeon.

A photo to illustrate what an embossed print looks like in real life. It's subtle and the light has to be right to see it.

I didn't realize there was also a Flow Y coming in Silver Luon. All the prices of the Silver Luon items are a bit high for me. The Power Y is $64. I was hoping it would be $58, the same price the Challenge tank was restickered to when people balked at the initial $78 price tag. The Silver Define is $128, $29 more than a regular.

For some reason I really like the Ghost Ground Nesting Blackbird Scuba. I won't buy one since I am deathly afraid of committing that much money to a white item but it's pretty. I like the black logo.

The Fresh Manifesto long sleeve new colors. I wore my white one today over a Power Y. It's a useful top but so expensive. I am hoping to pick up one of these on markdown. I know, it's a longshot.

The new Lavender Gray Dance Studio Jacket. For some reason, I never post photos of these even though they are a very flattering and comfortable jacket.

If we were playing word association games, the word 'Batman' would pop into my head for this photo.

The Harem pants. Still not loving them.

So, the upload was pretty dull. I didn't order anything but I am hoping to try on some stuff at the store tomorrow. I did buy a pair of the Low Cut Ultimate socks that got put into Loot tonight. I was thinking about getting the Coal Speedy Run hat but the reviews say it fits small and I find the older Flight Running Bonnet a bit tight in certain colors that I have. I'll have to remember to try on the hat at the store tomorrow. What did you all buy?