Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dewberry Featherweight Hybrid Jacket

Some photos of a Dewberry Featherweight Hybrid Jacket. If this shows up in tomorrow's upload I think I will order this or the Surge version.

NEW! Priiti Tank and Priiti Crops

A new tank called the Priiti tank is made of luxtreme and circle mesh, my two favorite materials. I seem to have a fatal attraction to tanks made of these two materials so even though my boobs will probably not fit in this tank, it's not very practical for the way I exercise, and I'm getting tired of the baby doll look I am going to have to try it on.

  • Lightweight mesh tank gives just enough coverage - perfect for sweaty dance and yoga
  • Made with wicking mesh body - lightweight, quick drying, antistink Chitosan finish
  • Bust made with super soft stretch luxtreme™ - wicking, support without restriction
  • Mesh shelf bra comes with removable cups
  • Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit right for you
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk
  • sizes 2-10, black and lavender gray (so far)

These are the Priiti crops. I don't have any info on them yet. They look like they are made of luon, though. I'll update when I do.

Try On Report - Spin Me Tank, Featherweight Hybrid Jacket, Full Tilt SS, and More

I got to try on the new Spin Me tank today. I really liked it, thought it was very flattering, and if I hadn't bought the Get Fit tank last week I might have gotten this one. I tried on the Lavender Gray (very pretty, not see through at all) and the Heathered Coal (my favorite). I think in this tank you might want to size down since it seemed to run on the big side. I don't think it's been noted much but the built-in bra is adjustable. I thought the Heathered Coal luxtreme felt a bit thicker than the solid colored Lavender Gray. I also thought the circle mesh panels of the Get Fit made that tank feel noticeably cooler and more lightweight than the Spin Me but I'm splitting hairs here. The Spin Me was fairly supportive and reminded me a lot of the Push UR Limits, not as supportive as that but pretty decent. I didn't feel the twist in the back strap at all. This tank is pretty long, like the Circuit tank, which is a feature I know a lot of people like but I don't like my tanks being that long. I might go back and try on the Spin Me again but for now it's a pass since I already have a ton of tanks. If I was in the market for a wicking, breathable, moderately supportive tank for the gym I'd definitely get it.

I tried on the Full Tilt SS in Heathered Lavender Gray and really liked it. This shirt doesn't look like workout wear at all, especially in Heathered Lavender Gray. I might have gotten it but the $68 price tag was a bit of a barrier. If money were no object, I might get one but for now I'd prefer to get a long sleeve running luon top in this color. I thought it fit a bit on the big side.

I tried on the Run: Featherweight Hybrid Jacket and really, really liked it. My husband and I have been doing a lot of post-dinner 5K walks and I am thinking this might be a great outer layer for breezy nights that I could layer over a tank or even a pullover. I thought this fit true to size. My store had the black and royalty but I think I would prefer the more solid colored white or surge versions. I'll have to think a bit and decide if I'd rather have this or the black Snowy Owl Scuba I'm waiting to hit the US.

I tried on the Silver Bullet long sleeve. I liked the top a lot though it fit a bit loose in the shoulders and snug in the belly. However, I think that is due to how I am put together and not a fault of the shirt. I feel that the material was too shiny / blingy for me to get a lot of use out of this top. This material also shows perspiration easily and I am kind of tired of going around with obvious pit stains. For the money, I think I'll stick to long sleeve Swiftlys and running luon pullovers unless I find this on markdown.

I ended up getting a new Lucky Luon headband in HDSG which I think stands for Heathered Dark Sports Gray. It's the one on the left in this photo.

The Latest Lululemon: A Potpourri

I am hoping to try on the new Spin Me Tank tomorrow. The Lavender Gray is calling my name since I don't have that color already. However, light luxtreme and I often don't get along (it reveals my secrets) so we'll see.

When the model has lines across the back of the knee you know the legs fit tight.
I think with the right kind of tushie the new Sequence pants look really cute but if you don't, they look pretty awful.

 Better photos showing the full front and back of the Back to Class Jacket. I think it's only available in black right now.

Some of the new Groove waistbands:

Blacks and Grays with Rocksteady Accent Stitching

I think this lighting best captures what Raspberry looks like in real life. Muted Mauve Stripes Galore with Raspberry.

The new Grooves. Black Denim luon on right.

Heathered Muted Mauve Spin Me Tank with matching Grooves

A photo of the Heathered Raspberry Scuba in brighter light.

Full Tilt Shorts Vs. Run For Your Life Shorts

Here is a great series of photos taken with the same model illustrating the differences between the new Full Tilt Shorts and Run For Your Life Shorts.

Full Tilt Shorts

Run For Your Life Shorts